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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Assalamualaikummmm....hello darlingsss....OMG!!!OMG!!!....its been so long.Yeah...I'm not my usual self lately.Not gonna make any statement that might contribute to"worsen "the situation that I'm going through now...:))very serabut...sometimes mom call me a "thinker"..I think too much,and analize things until the last details hat it doesn't bring me any good.
Don't u gorgeous people worry(ada ke yg kesah pon)..I know that i'm very strong,insyaAllah.I'm insyaAllah capable to go through this very small "ujian"...insyaallah.
Please if u ever remember me in your prayer,to say a little prayer for me..:)
I'll be back..insyaAllah..when everyting is better,I doubt things will go back to normal...but it will be better...insyaallah.:)
thank you for taking the time to read this.:)peace!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Salaam gorgeous people :)...How' everybody?I've been ..yesss..busy like everybody else.:)sometimes too many things happen all at once,I just dunno what to think,write or do..:)After that dreadful episode at M!@#S KLCC...I decided to try Mr."C"...broadband..hhhmmm...macam tu jgk..sometimes the connection is really bad I wonder why do we pay and yet they never provide us with THE best service... I mean,we paid for it..still...adoiii...tired la talking bout this.:(
We took the kids to PD..Muaz's 3rd birthday.Muaz wasn't well,coughing,slight temperature,runny nose but all of us had fun at the pool,sauna & gym session for mummy n ayah...loved it.The kids had an amazing time feeding the bunnies at the Pet's Farm...All these happened at Avillion Port Dickson...will definitely choose this hotel for our next short getaway again.It was ...almost perfect.9.5 out of 10..:)bravo Avillion Port Dickson:)
I'm also in the midst of studying ...chewwwahhh...studying hokay:)..this particular topic.."does opposites really attracts?"..What do u think peeps?Does opposites really attracts?...Does a relationship which have 2 person,with opposites character, can attract each other?;)..for how long?Will the relationship works?...hhhmmm......:)
Help me out on this and mayybeee..I'll share what I think about it...:)
To all mommies out there....Happy mother's day!!!!give yourself a pat on the back for a" job" well done:)

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Assalamualaikum everyone...hello gorgeous people.How is matter how big the boulder that is in front of'll stay calm and cool...and face it rather than running away from it :)
Well...what happened to me last few days was very disturbing,to me at least....(I'm sensitive person maahhh)I wanted to change my broadband a cheaper one of course but still gives me the speed and coverage that i need.We went to KLCC to terminate the old plan and registered the new plan.The idiot(please excuse my language)that took the particulars and "registered"my husbands name,told us that we'll be able to activate and get connected after 2hrs.(it was in their promo as well)Happily we went window shopping and headed home.Arrived home around 9ish,settle the kids and ...plug in the modem la svc...hmmmm...cannot be,this is M***S...called the customer svc,only to get hold of them after an hour and a half,(i was bloody pissed already)..please excuse my language again....asked them what happened and the answer was"you'll only be activated after 48hrs"...I was like WTF!!!!!!!hah...dah lama tak nyumpah ni.
because we have so many applications and it will take time for them to key in your data
Oh..please,don't give me that answer,how many did you expect to apply?10 people?
I'm sorry ma'am...there's nothing i can have to wait 48hrs.
The next day we went again to return the old cable(hubby forgotten about it :/)..asked the people there...the answer was
Oh..don't worry,already registered and should be OK.(we tried it there and line)
They said..sorry,then you have to wait 48hrs then...!@#$%....
we went home and tried again that night,no luck.Woke up Saturday morning,I called them again...the reply was
"sorry ma'am..your account is not registered."
"its not registered"
I heard what you said..but why??"i' not sure ma'am"
I put down the phone after some QA with them
Hubby decided to drive down again to KLCC(we're staying in Nilai btw)for the 3rd time,3 days in a row,to cancel the application and asked for a refund.If I was in charge of handling this matter,Ill asked the manager to see me,apologized to me,asked the girl who forgot to register to apologize,asked for the refund asked for compensation,for making us go there 3 times,compensate the fuel,the toll,and the parking tickets.Call me cheapskates..I don't care.This is all about the service that you promise but failed to deliver.I bet hat you wouldn't dare to do this to an American or other mat saleh or Arabs...but they just said sorry encik,gave the money and make stupid faces.
Sorry peeps..I'm just very particular about customer service and manners.You deliver what you've promised...simple as that,if you can't compensate...I guess t will take us another 20yrs for our people to be addressed/treated properly...:/

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