me and my soulmates

Thursday, March 26, 2009

outing. back from our outing 5 hours ago.just a normal outing with my family.The kids loves it whenever their ayah is around.They get to go for the rides in the mall and get some new books..i saw a new wristwatch that i husband asked me to get it but i'm not in the "mood"for shopping...hehehe..can you believe it??but insyaallah..i will get the watch..someday..soon.

I'm really tired right now and tomorrow is going to be busy...busy,busy,busy...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

marissa oh marissa..

marissa smiled while she's sleeping..a very satisfied,contented smile.Alhamdulillah.her ayah's back and got her books,for muaz too.its alphabets and numbers wipe n clean book,something that mummy is very,very pleased with and thumbs up for ayah..she was soo excited that she started practising her writing the minute we got home from the airport.(no writing in the car).
she practices her writing thru dinner and only stopped for 10 minutes to wrestle with ayah.

its very late now and i'm not suppose to do this at this hour.i'm trying to change my schedule and be more discipline with my time.maybe i'll try again tomorrow.signing off for now,goodnite everyone.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

my 1st..

Salam to all....;))...

Who wud have guess that i'll have my own blog..i'm not even sure what to say do i introduce myself?hmm..i'm quite excited and still curious on how this blogging those who knew me would deft laugh at me right now..but,i'm okay,i'm positive..well lets see what happens after this..
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