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Monday, December 28, 2009

cream caramel,"kek" batik(my version),homemade beef lasagna :)+cupcakes:))

Salam everybody :)
I'm on cloud 9 these past few days.One of my old schoolmate asked me few weeks back if I'm taking orders for cupcakes...She's planning to give it to her son's classmate on his birthday.Yippeeee!!!Alhamdulillah,syukur byk2.I was thankful that she trusted me to do it for her..thank you dear.So,now I'm like nervous+excited+going bonkers over this whatever feeling that is in me right now,smiling,dreaming..hehehe..So,I decided to extend my menu a bit..hahaha..

all time favourite...ssllluurrrppp;)
I love eating all these yummy food,I know,I out for the numbers on your weighing machine going up,up,up...but they're sinfully delicious(ferasan+overrated+tak tipunye statement)I kept making them and my family enjoyed them..muaz kept asking for the cupcakes..every time he opened the fridge,he'll go like"mum,where are the "tuptakes??"can you make some more "tuptakes" mum?"

I love this baby ;)
hehehehe...So,I'm trying my luck at selling these personal favourite dessert of mine and my homemade beef lasagna.Wish me luck babes and if anyone of you wishes to me ya..

my kek batik :)

sticky chewy balls(my 1st trial on makin them as giveaways for weddings/door gifts/dessert.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

happy :)

MV last week's outings

KLCC-last week's outings

my princess
Alhamdulillah....I've been smiling for the past week..hehehehe..(kerang busuk)I'm constantly reminding myself to smile,even if marissa spilled my coffee on her workbook,muaz spilled water on the floor..bla,bla,bla..I will still smile because....???I just want to :))I made some kek batik for my neighbour last night.Hopefully they'll like it.We took the kids for outing,watched a movie,Princess and The Frog,enjoyed it,had a chat with old friend at Alamanda's food court...hmmm..It was a good day for everybody,Alhamdulillah.I would usually opposed to the idea of going out on a public holiday but today was a good day for everybody :)I didn't complained about any single thing..hahahaha..I would usually complained to my hubby about the crowd,the public toilet and other things lah..but today,I behaved.I "redha" and that I guess was the reason why the day was a good one :))

kek batik for sale :))

Monday, December 21, 2009

what goes around....comes???

Salam people,babes,dudes,haji,hajjah....:)Tengah cari ilham on what to share.Day in day out with the kids,cooking,cleaning up,picking up after them..bla,bla,bla..yup!!What stay-at-home mom does..not to forget,reading,writing,numbers,shapes,,bla,bla..supermom?nope..did it out of lurveeeee babes,Amanah...yesss.Amanah dari Allah swt.
I'm far from a "perfect"mom..I have my own temper to handle,I have my own flaws...but like all of you out there,I'm still trying everyday to take care of my "amanah"and treat them with tender loving care :)
Hmmmm...what else is our amanah?Husbands has a BIG amanah to take care of,his wife and his,parents..etc,etc..So,when he said"aku terima nikah...."and its "SAH"..there you have one amanah on your shoulder dudes!!!It's not like you marry and then you think you're the king of the house and you are my wifey and you are to "layan"I sesuka hati I...ho,ho,'re so wrong if you think that way.When you take her as your wife,you made a promise to God to take care of this wife of yours,your family,to lead them to the right path,you the imam(for muslems)..I think I can babble about this like the  whole night..I'm so not gonna do that.I believe they're better people out there who knows more about this hukum hakam about the husbands and wifey relationship.Next!!!

Amanah again...our body is amanah.It's ours but not rightfully ours..hehehe..konpius??It's a loan people,...from Him,Allah SWT the Almighty.So,what did yo do to this "loan"have u taken good care of it?Have you abandon it?Have you treat it as how it's suppose to be treated?since it's not rightfully yours,you should know what are the do's and dont's right??:)Next!!!

Who else?What else?..Our responsibility towards our society,our pets..yess..our pets.Have we forgotten that they too are  Allah SWT creations?Have we done our best to protect them and to give them what they deserve?:)I'm sure you guys have,alhamdulillah.Their food,place to sleep,if they need "partners"during mating season...those are all their needs and we cant take it away from them...hmmm...Next!!

I believe in hukum karma,what goes around comes around...I also believe that if you intentionally hurt other people,someday you'll be hurt too,nauzubillah.If not you,someone that you care for will have to pay for what you did,fair?no?....hmmm...Les all pray that we always pause and think before we say something or do something that might hurt other people,animals,living creatures.
I'd like to apologise if I've hurt anyone's feelings in the process of reading this,it's purely my own tot's and a reminder to myself,not with the intention to hurt anyone.:) Peace!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

new year,new ME :)

Salam Maal Hijrah :)..We had a great time watching the doa awal and akhir tahun from TV1..Marissa and Muaz doa with us and we hug each other and promise ourselves to become a better person,insyaallah.Quite emotional for me,(byk buat salah kan kekeke)and I pray that all of us will have a better year ahead,a successful year,with more happy moments insyaallah.
I don't want to think about negative people,what they think and how they think and why they are negative about all things,I don't want to end up like that,nauzubillah.I want to be more positive,more focus in what I do and yesss...I want to smile more often.Sometimes I notice that I don't smile,I only smile and laugh when I'm playing with my kids or share a joke with my hubby.I need to smile more,to exercise my facial muscle...cewwwahhhh..macam ye je :)
Ok2x....gotta go,kids hungry,hubby's me n my kids are going to have a blast on our own wwoooohhhoooo.....

Thursday, December 17, 2009


This entry is dedicated to mama and papa,although I know you won't be able to read this but I hope you know how much I love you guys *hugs*
After having kids of my own,I know I owe a lot of things from my parents,their dedication,their unconditional love,the hopes and doa....(tears are streaming as I'm typing these down)very  emotional for me to talk bout my parents...Looking back at what I've achieved as person,mother ,wife,daughter,daughter in-law,friend,neighbour,colleague...etc,etc..I have a long way to go in becoming a better person,to have a better relationship with everyone,even with my kids..I'm not sure how I'm able to achieve that,it's not easy.Being someone that is quite emotional at times like me,sensitive about issues that is close to my heart....I know it's not easy for people to understand me,who am I really??(I'm so not in the right state of mind right now,babbling like someone so lost)
I was chatting with my friend about something when I realised how my parents had raised me to become who I am right now...I'm not going to spill the details as it might sound like I'm bragging(riak)...but I'm really thankful to have learned sooo much from my parents,Alhamdulillah.
I'm learning everyday,about people and how they lead their lives ma,pa...Papa always tells me"it takes so many people to make the world Na..."..and I will never forget.(miss u pa)Whenever I'm down,I will read the poem you shared with me gather my strength and to know that you are always there for me,makes me feel so much better.I'd like to share this poem here,hopefully my dear friends/readers will like it too:-)

Time will tell for TIME tells all
Just wait and time will show-
but bit by bit the truth comes out,
And in the end we see-
Who are right and who was wrong
Time tells eventually

So if you are misunderstood-
Your feelings try to hide.
If you took the wisest course,then you will be justified....
Remember that the other person may be right as well.
So don't pursue the argument.
Be patient,time will tell.

I have my papa to turn to when I'm down and I have my mama to ask for strength and wisdom.I can never repay them in any way and I'll forever be indebted to them for all the good things that I'm blessed with right now,alhamdulillah.
May Allah swt blessed our parents with good health and many more years with us.To my dear friends whose parents are no more with us here,Al-Fatihah to their souls and may they rest in peace.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

My gift to new baby girl :)

I made some strawberry flavoured cuppcakes for my neighbour,welcoming their new baby girl Afiqah Dania :) I hope they liked the cuppies(which they said they did,alhamdulillah)InsyaAllah with more practice I hope to make this new passion of mine as another source of income..who knows *wink*

Friday, December 11, 2009


We had BBQ in seremban last night.Thank you chef Irwan and Nurul for a wonderful evening.I brought them my own version of cream caramel and homemade beef lasagna.hehehe..They were a hit but me n hubby was more into the grill lamb chop that was prepared for us,along with salad and homemade dressing,garlic bread...yummmyyyy...
Didn't snap any pictures,didn't even crossed my mind,were too involved with the conversations,lamb and the kids hahaha...
Hope to do this again,it was nice to hang out with good friends,good food and Alhamdulillah to all that :)

"suami tak sihat sebab pe'el isteri??"

"you tau tak suami kita ni kena darah tinggi sebab perangai kita?laki ko tu cik x,darah tinggi sebab ko la,membebel tiap hari"
Damn!!I gave my extra attention to Mrs K that day,not only her voice was loud,her statement made my eyes and ears wide open.We were gathering,all us neighbours were sitting around under a cherry tree witnessing a wedding.
Mrs K asked us again"don't u guys notice all this?they(the husbands)gets all these sickness from our non-stop babbling,requests and our upside down moods..(her husband is suffering from high blood pressure*chronic*
I prefer to reserve my comments and at the same time,feeling grateful to Allah Al-Mighty for blessing my husband with good health.I will remember what Mrs K's advice to all us wives that day"Don't pressure your husbands with your demands,always asking for new things or always asking them to follow your style.Don't pressure them with your moods..tho they never say it,(coz they love u)show them your appreciation by following their way once in a while.just look at my husband,so cool,laid back but now his sick because of me:(...
*to MRS K..don't be sad,take it as a lesson and thank you for sharing with us,to remind us to appreciate our beloved husbands :)*hugs*

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Houses for sale!!!

Double storey=rm130'000 only
Desa Vista,Salak Tinggi Sepang
15 minits to KLIA,near schools,amenities and salak tinggi town. 
Single storey=rm100'000only.
In town,near amenities,giant,commuter station,20mins to KLIA(or  less)

please email me at
thank you :)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

when marissa gets creative :)

We went out few days back...yesss we love going out outing.Went to IKANO and IKEA.Marissa went to the play land,muaz were not allowed to join his sister,not 3  yet,sorry abang,next year darling.

yo!yo!rappers in da house!

muaz...where r U????

my precious

loves fashion :))

herselfmade ring,excuse the prints on the hand(ikea playland)


pink bracelet for mummy :)
Bought Marissa a charm bracelet..she loved it.The beads where you bought from all those small kiosks,u get to choose your own charms and get them to tie it up for you.Marissa went home happy :)The next day as I was busy cooking,she made her own bracelet.She asked for strings from me,which I didn't have happened was,she took some rubber bands,and added the beads I bought for her not so long ago.I was impressed,touched and so proud of her...proud of you baby!!!Mummy love you!!Now,I'm going to encourage her even more on crafting project or anything that she sets her heart on.(muaz wants to bake and fix cars )

Saturday, December 5, 2009

hati sama kaler,rambut lain kaler...but niat n perasaan lain2 :)

Interesting tajuk??Hmmm...I'll try to make this as brief as possible.I'm not sure how but I'll give my best shot.Rambut sama hitam,hati lain2...I don't think it's relevan nowadays as most of us were born with different hair color...mine is light brown...wwwahhhhh...why?tak caya ke?? doesn't matter what color is your skin or your hair or your eyes,bla,bla,bla...It doesn't matter to me.I'm a very simple person,whoever knows me will tell you the same thing.I can make things complicated if you want me too but I'm not interested to complicate things....(i'm too busy to do that)Most of my friends have called me "lurus"..simply because,I am.
I don't care whether you're rich or poor,you wear designers or vincci or brand cap ayam,couture or pasar malam...I SEE you as in INSIDE you..your heart...whether you're sincere or you're not...whether you're pure or a diva in the making or..bla,bla,bla...u know what I mean.
As i promised I'l make this short,I end this entry here..hopefully it makes sense.(it doesn't matter if it doesn't makes sense to you)....:)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Awal Muharram1431/18th december 09

Awal Muharram is coming and I'm kinda lookin forward to it.I sort of looking back on what I've achieved in 2009,if I had done the right things,done the wrong things (byk agaknya)made right or wrong decisions and if I had mature in my decision making,in my relationships with loved ones,family,friends,neighbours,etc..etc..
Sad to say,some still remains the same,still dwell on old things,still rake up old stories,no compromises on little things :(
On the brighter side,I'm happy to say that I've achieved(in my opinion) few things that I'm proud of.I baked raya cookies=1st time for me,I bake cupcakes=1st time,made lasanga from scratch=1st time,had a family holiday=1st time,meet a so many new people(clients)alhamdulillah=1st time,and a lot more other blessings,Alhamdulillah.My kids are eating well,speaking well,active,my husband(MR.SO) is healthy and well,happy with my new skill=baking and puts a smile on my face to think back what we've achieved together so far as family,couple and as an individual.Oh yess of course...I had few reunions with old buddies..yeah,that puts another big grin on my face.
so..with all that,I can say that I'm really looking forward to another year of adventure with MR.SO,marissa,muaz,my family,friends,acquaintances...etc,eTC..
I don't plan to have a new year resolution...but I do make plans for myself,my kids and my family.Looking forward to another annual holiday overseas :)..short holidays in malaysia and many more good food and outings,aminn.InsyaAllah :)

Aidil Adha 09

Salam...I hope its not too late to wish all muslims selamat hari raya aidil-adha.We had a good time visiting my dad in TGG.Wished that my other sister was there with us,insyaallah next time :)
Thank you to my other half for planning this trip and for doing all you can to make sure  I get to spend my raya with my dad n sister*love u yang*.
Thank you to my new blogger friend IDA,for coming to see me :) such a sweet person.I hope I didn'nt bore you with my non-stop chatting.I can be quite a chatterbox,esp when I'm nervous hehehe..
My kids,all of us had a great time and was sad that we had to go home so soon.we miss you Pa..insyaAllah,we'll see u again soon*hugs* from me n d kids.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

sorry baby,abang.

To my dearest children,I'm truly sorry for not taking the time to look into your eyes when we talk,sometimes I'm busy with my work,housework and caught up with my own ups and downs,my mistake...I'm only human :) I pray that we will always love and respect each other and know that I'll be there for you always,insyaallah.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

moving on.......

Have you ever experienced something so hurtful until you just can't let it out of your mind?So bad that you keep on dwelling about it,keep talking about it...How do you let it go?How do you move on?
I maybe good at telling someone to "move on","don't look back""God is great"...I too have issues on moving on not so long ago...but now I think I have move on and am happier that I did.I wished I can help this person that I really care for to move on with her life,to cherish the blessings that Allah swt has blessed her and to live her life but I can only wish.It's she who have to make that move...:(
(semoga dia dikurniakan hidayah untuk meneruskan kehidupan dengan hati yg terbuka dan tenang)

(pic googled)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Idul Adha in ganu kite??jengjengjeng:)

We might celebrate our Idul Adha in Kuala Trengganu..yahooo!!If the flights not full,we just might..We sisters planned to celebrate with our dad who's in Trengganu now,teaching undergraduates English.InsyaAllah..doakan hajat kami tercapai.:)*excited*My last visit to Trengganu was many,many...MANY years,come to think of it,did we have nightstops in TGG back then?(

Monday, November 16, 2009

My baking class 14th Nov2009 with Pn.Nurul Huda.

I did it!!!I actually enrol myself in a  baking class and enjoyed every minute of it.Not to mention how amazed I was with the hostess,Pn.Nurul Huda and her huge kitchen.It was an amazing experience.Gotta be honest with you was quite tiring.Only after I finished baking and got into the car that I realised,I was on my feet for 4hrs...I only sat for less than 5 minutes...Okay,when I used to fly we had to endure 13-15 hours of standing and walking but that was different :)
All in all I'm proud of myself and had a great time..yess it was worth it because my hubby and my kids loved them cakes..:)

black cherry cupcakes

Me n Nurul

my cupcakes

yellow butter cake with lemon flavour and choc mousse in between

muaz(sleepy dah masa ni)

amazing kitchen!

a gift from Nurul

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