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Monday, April 26, 2010


Assalamualaikummm...hi people...hi everybody:))
I'm sorry for not updating this log.I've been really busy.I can't tell you the details...too many things happened,all at the same time but all are good and well,alhamdulillah.This week will also be a busy week for me,household chores, dad's here,orders..this n that...ala...the normal mummy stuff kan..kann.kan...
I'm also planning to have some serious TLC actions this week.This also depends whether I have th time(have to make time)...lulur,urut tradisional, nice to veerranngannn...:P
Till next entry darlings2x semua...take care,drive safe and eat "sparingly"kekekeke..

Saturday, April 17, 2010

when ayah is not around......;)

When ayah@my dearest husband is not around,mummy will usually freak out her head..trying to figure out activities to do with her two active munchkins..I know I only have 2 right now,but.....very handful ya.I have to plan out what to do with them so that they don't get bored and their activities will actually benefit them,hands and eye coordination,and all that sort of thing la..
So... I decided to bake with them..yippie.We made plain cookies,(trial and error basis)I didn't make a lot of them so I made a very small batch of "doh".It turned out well and we had loads of fun..and mummy was very,very happy to see the excitement in their faces.Marissa even called me > u baby!Enjoy the pics people,we might have another baking session before ayah comes back from his trip :)..we miss u ayah!
p/s:marissa wants to bake these to sell them at our next bazaar event next weekend,whaddya think?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Salam people...gorgeous people...yesss...finally I found the time...not so right time jugak..but it's ok,a very short and hopefully good entry for you gorgeous mums out there.I'm sure most of you already know the secret to natural "botox" and "detox"..without taking any "tea"that makes you rush to the loo every 10mins,or eating diet pills,or following a tight diet regime that will only last you for 3 mths?....
I'm here to share what I found out last 2 weeks..hahahah...will get you the complete correct eating habit when I have the time to type it out ya.
What made me excited is this statement:botox a'la naturel...Igot excited and remembered only 2things from the list....
1.Every morning drink at least 500ml of plain water(you know this I'm sure...for detoxing)
2.Blend red apple (with skin)and oranges(without skin..obviously)together and drink the juice,without adding sugar.(this is natural botox)

Those are the 2 thing that stuck on my mind,as I've never tried doing both of them(yesss...I'm very teruk)BBUUTTTTTT....I intend to try it out as soon as I get my new juice extractor...huaaaaa..which is i don't know when.sad case lah juice extractor...does anyone knows if blending using the normal blender works?:)
so,all the best ladies...follow this 2  things every morning to get that natural glow in your face:)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

i nak buat botox!!

Are you with me???You wanna join me?let's do it together ..the more the merrier....
kekekekeke..kekkeke....mummy is feeling a little tipsy,sewel a bit..not enough sleep.At MIL's house..dah tua2 pon ada tukar bantal lagi ke?got such thing ah?hahahaha..nevermind that...
want to....
share ......
with ......YOU!!!!!...the secrets to a'la naturel injections,no needles..... doesn't come easy...huaaahuaaahuaaa...i'd like to see how many responds I get from this entry albeit i know so well i don't have many followers..wakakakaka...
If ramai nak tahu...maaayyybeeeee..i'll post it in my next entry.kekekek(gatai btol)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

bread butter pudding......oh no!!!!

Yessssss!!!!!This is the one that I've been digging in these past few days ...huaaaaaa!!!!I made bread butter pudding twice this week's not good for your weighing machine ya!!It was my first time baking it,I've never tried making them myself,but I looovveeee bread butter pudding,so..a friend gave me the recipe which I "professionally"altered it to my own version(actually very malas nak bukak balik mailbox),marissa n muaz..loved it!After finishing 2 casseroles this week...I went to JJ and bought this

It was only rm4.90 and yes,yours truly have been jumping like a mad cow for the past few days...hahahah...weight still the same but inches..losing babe!!wakakaka..gelak golek2x..makcik very happy!!
Lesson for what you like,sparingly and exercise...(pls ask for doctor's advice before you follow my advice ;)...)


Salam everyone,how have you been?InsyaAllah everybody's well and good.Me and family Alhamdulillah are all well and good.Been busy doing some soul searching...chewwah(as if!!),no..really..been looking back at how my life was simpler back then(before i started blogging)wondering if I had done enough for my family..:)This morning,before My hbnd left for work,I asked him
........."yang,will the kids leave me when they've grown up" husband smiled and said,insyaAllah yang,doakan yg terbaik utk anak2.
Thank you Yang.....InsyaAllah.

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