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Saturday, September 18, 2010

It takes so many to make the world....

......I was with some friends during Iftar...a week or so before AidilFitri..old and new was an OK meeting,nothing fancy.I was seated infront of an old friend,someone who's quite close to me..
She wears hijab..repent(i suppose)..I knew her during her wild days...I'm sorry ..I'm not here to talk bad about anyone..I'm only here to remind myself how people can change their skin,their clothings,their appearance but still can't change their shud i say it?They changed their appearance,cpvers their "aurat"but they talk bad about other people..they assume,they judge..without hesitation...:(
I was not surprise that she is still that way..The same person that I knew for so long,still have that bitterness in her about almost everybody..especially me..:)I can only pray..that someday she will find her peace and not be so negative about life and everybody....

I believe that no one have the right to judge other people,especially when you don't know that person...It's sad that "fitnah".."umpat" like food to some people...
May Allah swt blessed me with and all of us with his guidance and love so that we will become a better person for our loved ones and for ourself.


"hijrah" every sense of the word..

by Adriana Az on Sunday, August 29, 2010 at 10:28pm

~sometimes...bila kita dah ber"hijrah"...kita kdg2 cepat melatah..:)
bila nampak benda2 yang tak "cantik" di mata kita...kita cepat buat komen,cepat buat "conclusions"or "assumptions"..atau dalam erti kata lain..andaian dan bersangka..
Kita juga manusia biasa yg memang dalam hidup hari2 kita,tak lepas dari buat kesilapan..yg disengajakan atau tidak sengaja..
Cepat lupa bahawa setiap orang ada hak masing2 dalam setiap perbuatan mereka...jgn kita cepat membuat andaian,berprasangka dan menjatuhkan hukuman...takut2 kepandaian kita itu memakan diri sendiri..sia2 saja kita ber"hijrah" apabila "dalaman"kita kosong dan mungkin orang yang kita kata itu lebih baik dari kita..:)
Semoga ..setiap penghijrahan itu berserta dengan niat yang baik dan sentiasa menjaga "mulut" kita agar tak terlepas kata2 yang tak sepatutnya...insyaallah.

~yang buruk itu dari kekurangan saya dan yg indah itu milikNYA~

Monday, July 19, 2010


Assalamualaikum.....Hi gorgeous people..:)
I heard that one of our sisters, from hasleft us all to meet her Creator.Al-Fatihah.She was suffering from breast cancer.My dua that her family will be strong and redha as this is the reality of life.
I have always reminded myself..that all of us will be many,many ways...different people,different tests...but the pain that we have to face and feel and endure...all that ...everyone of us will feel it.We have different needs,different wants...we dislikes different things,likes different stufffs....we are all different...its how we find the common thing among us to keep us all united and live in harmony and peace.Living with different people,living with your spouse that sometimes acts like a total do you find the similarities,the common ground...the "thing' that ties you both together?...only you know the answer....
Losing someone you love and care and have known for your whole never easy..never're crying for so many know you're gonna miss her/ wont see her/him're going to miss that person so much that it will hurt will bouce back,you will get up on your feet,you you gotta...because you're still alive.
This life that Allah swt has grant each one of the gift itself.Dont abuse it, it,love it..and no one can make you happy other than you yourself.
My post this time may make sense...most probably not make any sense to most of you...:))
I wish that whoever out there that is feeling down and feeling that the world is crumbling down....wipe those tears....look in the mirror...and say..I love you and I'm gonna make you happy..:)

Friday, July 16, 2010

lelaki kaki pukul...shame on you!!!

Assalamualaikum everyone...:)
I know it's been a while...but I'm still around Alhamdulillah,still able to breathe and embrace this beautiful life...:)
I can't help myself on not commenting on this topic....I can't stand/accept/ who hit women..COME ON!!!!!!!!How do you even look at yourself in the mirror?Hitting women?
I saw this in the news lately where this actor keep on hitting his wife...I don't know why they're still married...I mean ..didn't it say clearly in the holy Quran that you can't hit your wife,kalau nak mengajar/mendidik bukan dengan pukulan yang menyakitkan???
Where's the people who's responsible to help these women that has been abused,tortured physically...not to mention the mental abuse that she will face all her life...
Can a woman,who has been hit by her spouse actually forgives and forget?I can't answer that on anyone's behalf but I know I can't.I'll never be able to forget...It will break my heart to pieces that can never be mend,it will hurt me emotionally..not to mention the pain dicnity as a person,a human being...I know I could never forget...and it will take years to forgive....
To all the men/husbands/ a man..."A REAL MAN,DON'T HIT WOMAN"

Friday, June 18, 2010

...still around...:)

I wonder if this blog still have readers...:)to you who's reading this,I thank you with a big hug*hugs*
I'm still around,Alhamdulillah :)
Still baking,updating clients,managing the two kids..etc,etc..:)...Life has been...emmmm...okay:)
Sometimes things happen without any warnings or signs....sometimes,you just have to go with the flow and play along with whatever that comes your way.It could be painful,it could be good for you...go with the flow...
I learned in my 35 going 36 years of blessed life that,don't ever think you're alone..coz you're never long as you're still breathing HE is right there waiting for you to ask for HIS guidance:)
I learned not to question my fate,I learned that things happen for a reason(always ada nikmah)and every clouds have its own silver lining...:)
So gorgeous matter where you are,in whatever situation you are in're blessed :)
Thanks for taking the time to read this weird ramblings of mine tonight.Till we meet again...stand tall and love yourself!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010


Hello peoplee...:))It's been a while eh:)I've been to say this..??not hibernating...been very busy trying,very hard to keep myself sane:) need to know the details..its very memeningkan and very bowringggg::))))
What I want to say here ...what do you besides having stronger faith in HIM...when you're facing something so hard for you to swallow?besides having more faith,sabar,write the do's and the dont's..the good and bad list,the right and wrong...after all that lists...a never ending one I  might add...what then?
how do you decide?
I was in this situation few times,and alhamdulillah,i got my answers but this time it's really testing me:)
I guess this test is a very tiny one compared to others but still...I pray for strength and guidance from HIM.
When you know you're alone in this fight,you have nowhere to run to HIM...for if no one knows who you are inside,
no one fells what you feel,
when others judge you as they wish....
you turn to HIM for strength,guidance and love.:)
I'm in a crossroad here..alone...
do i make a decision to please other people?
please myself?
my kids are my no1 question bout that...
so..what do I do?:))
I have no answer.....

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Assalamualaikummmm....hello darlingsss....OMG!!!OMG!!!....its been so long.Yeah...I'm not my usual self lately.Not gonna make any statement that might contribute to"worsen "the situation that I'm going through now...:))very serabut...sometimes mom call me a "thinker"..I think too much,and analize things until the last details hat it doesn't bring me any good.
Don't u gorgeous people worry(ada ke yg kesah pon)..I know that i'm very strong,insyaAllah.I'm insyaAllah capable to go through this very small "ujian"...insyaallah.
Please if u ever remember me in your prayer,to say a little prayer for me..:)
I'll be back..insyaAllah..when everyting is better,I doubt things will go back to normal...but it will be better...insyaallah.:)
thank you for taking the time to read this.:)peace!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Salaam gorgeous people :)...How' everybody?I've been ..yesss..busy like everybody else.:)sometimes too many things happen all at once,I just dunno what to think,write or do..:)After that dreadful episode at M!@#S KLCC...I decided to try Mr."C"...broadband..hhhmmm...macam tu jgk..sometimes the connection is really bad I wonder why do we pay and yet they never provide us with THE best service... I mean,we paid for it..still...adoiii...tired la talking bout this.:(
We took the kids to PD..Muaz's 3rd birthday.Muaz wasn't well,coughing,slight temperature,runny nose but all of us had fun at the pool,sauna & gym session for mummy n ayah...loved it.The kids had an amazing time feeding the bunnies at the Pet's Farm...All these happened at Avillion Port Dickson...will definitely choose this hotel for our next short getaway again.It was ...almost perfect.9.5 out of 10..:)bravo Avillion Port Dickson:)
I'm also in the midst of studying ...chewwwahhh...studying hokay:)..this particular topic.."does opposites really attracts?"..What do u think peeps?Does opposites really attracts?...Does a relationship which have 2 person,with opposites character, can attract each other?;)..for how long?Will the relationship works?...hhhmmm......:)
Help me out on this and mayybeee..I'll share what I think about it...:)
To all mommies out there....Happy mother's day!!!!give yourself a pat on the back for a" job" well done:)

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Assalamualaikum everyone...hello gorgeous people.How is matter how big the boulder that is in front of'll stay calm and cool...and face it rather than running away from it :)
Well...what happened to me last few days was very disturbing,to me at least....(I'm sensitive person maahhh)I wanted to change my broadband a cheaper one of course but still gives me the speed and coverage that i need.We went to KLCC to terminate the old plan and registered the new plan.The idiot(please excuse my language)that took the particulars and "registered"my husbands name,told us that we'll be able to activate and get connected after 2hrs.(it was in their promo as well)Happily we went window shopping and headed home.Arrived home around 9ish,settle the kids and ...plug in the modem la svc...hmmmm...cannot be,this is M***S...called the customer svc,only to get hold of them after an hour and a half,(i was bloody pissed already)..please excuse my language again....asked them what happened and the answer was"you'll only be activated after 48hrs"...I was like WTF!!!!!!!hah...dah lama tak nyumpah ni.
because we have so many applications and it will take time for them to key in your data
Oh..please,don't give me that answer,how many did you expect to apply?10 people?
I'm sorry ma'am...there's nothing i can have to wait 48hrs.
The next day we went again to return the old cable(hubby forgotten about it :/)..asked the people there...the answer was
Oh..don't worry,already registered and should be OK.(we tried it there and line)
They said..sorry,then you have to wait 48hrs then...!@#$%....
we went home and tried again that night,no luck.Woke up Saturday morning,I called them again...the reply was
"sorry ma'am..your account is not registered."
"its not registered"
I heard what you said..but why??"i' not sure ma'am"
I put down the phone after some QA with them
Hubby decided to drive down again to KLCC(we're staying in Nilai btw)for the 3rd time,3 days in a row,to cancel the application and asked for a refund.If I was in charge of handling this matter,Ill asked the manager to see me,apologized to me,asked the girl who forgot to register to apologize,asked for the refund asked for compensation,for making us go there 3 times,compensate the fuel,the toll,and the parking tickets.Call me cheapskates..I don't care.This is all about the service that you promise but failed to deliver.I bet hat you wouldn't dare to do this to an American or other mat saleh or Arabs...but they just said sorry encik,gave the money and make stupid faces.
Sorry peeps..I'm just very particular about customer service and manners.You deliver what you've promised...simple as that,if you can't compensate...I guess t will take us another 20yrs for our people to be addressed/treated properly...:/

Monday, April 26, 2010


Assalamualaikummm...hi people...hi everybody:))
I'm sorry for not updating this log.I've been really busy.I can't tell you the details...too many things happened,all at the same time but all are good and well,alhamdulillah.This week will also be a busy week for me,household chores, dad's here,orders..this n that...ala...the normal mummy stuff kan..kann.kan...
I'm also planning to have some serious TLC actions this week.This also depends whether I have th time(have to make time)...lulur,urut tradisional, nice to veerranngannn...:P
Till next entry darlings2x semua...take care,drive safe and eat "sparingly"kekekeke..

Saturday, April 17, 2010

when ayah is not around......;)

When ayah@my dearest husband is not around,mummy will usually freak out her head..trying to figure out activities to do with her two active munchkins..I know I only have 2 right now,but.....very handful ya.I have to plan out what to do with them so that they don't get bored and their activities will actually benefit them,hands and eye coordination,and all that sort of thing la..
So... I decided to bake with them..yippie.We made plain cookies,(trial and error basis)I didn't make a lot of them so I made a very small batch of "doh".It turned out well and we had loads of fun..and mummy was very,very happy to see the excitement in their faces.Marissa even called me > u baby!Enjoy the pics people,we might have another baking session before ayah comes back from his trip :)..we miss u ayah!
p/s:marissa wants to bake these to sell them at our next bazaar event next weekend,whaddya think?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Salam people...gorgeous people...yesss...finally I found the time...not so right time jugak..but it's ok,a very short and hopefully good entry for you gorgeous mums out there.I'm sure most of you already know the secret to natural "botox" and "detox"..without taking any "tea"that makes you rush to the loo every 10mins,or eating diet pills,or following a tight diet regime that will only last you for 3 mths?....
I'm here to share what I found out last 2 weeks..hahahah...will get you the complete correct eating habit when I have the time to type it out ya.
What made me excited is this statement:botox a'la naturel...Igot excited and remembered only 2things from the list....
1.Every morning drink at least 500ml of plain water(you know this I'm sure...for detoxing)
2.Blend red apple (with skin)and oranges(without skin..obviously)together and drink the juice,without adding sugar.(this is natural botox)

Those are the 2 thing that stuck on my mind,as I've never tried doing both of them(yesss...I'm very teruk)BBUUTTTTTT....I intend to try it out as soon as I get my new juice extractor...huaaaaa..which is i don't know when.sad case lah juice extractor...does anyone knows if blending using the normal blender works?:)
so,all the best ladies...follow this 2  things every morning to get that natural glow in your face:)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

i nak buat botox!!

Are you with me???You wanna join me?let's do it together ..the more the merrier....
kekekekeke..kekkeke....mummy is feeling a little tipsy,sewel a bit..not enough sleep.At MIL's house..dah tua2 pon ada tukar bantal lagi ke?got such thing ah?hahahaha..nevermind that...
want to....
share ......
with ......YOU!!!!!...the secrets to a'la naturel injections,no needles..... doesn't come easy...huaaahuaaahuaaa...i'd like to see how many responds I get from this entry albeit i know so well i don't have many followers..wakakakaka...
If ramai nak tahu...maaayyybeeeee..i'll post it in my next entry.kekekek(gatai btol)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

bread butter pudding......oh no!!!!

Yessssss!!!!!This is the one that I've been digging in these past few days ...huaaaaaa!!!!I made bread butter pudding twice this week's not good for your weighing machine ya!!It was my first time baking it,I've never tried making them myself,but I looovveeee bread butter pudding,so..a friend gave me the recipe which I "professionally"altered it to my own version(actually very malas nak bukak balik mailbox),marissa n muaz..loved it!After finishing 2 casseroles this week...I went to JJ and bought this

It was only rm4.90 and yes,yours truly have been jumping like a mad cow for the past few days...hahahah...weight still the same but inches..losing babe!!wakakaka..gelak golek2x..makcik very happy!!
Lesson for what you like,sparingly and exercise...(pls ask for doctor's advice before you follow my advice ;)...)


Salam everyone,how have you been?InsyaAllah everybody's well and good.Me and family Alhamdulillah are all well and good.Been busy doing some soul searching...chewwah(as if!!),no..really..been looking back at how my life was simpler back then(before i started blogging)wondering if I had done enough for my family..:)This morning,before My hbnd left for work,I asked him
........."yang,will the kids leave me when they've grown up" husband smiled and said,insyaAllah yang,doakan yg terbaik utk anak2.
Thank you Yang.....InsyaAllah.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"i'm not good enough??so what??!!"

Have you ever felt that you're living by other people's expectations?When WHATEVER you do is NEVER good enough by their standards?You strived your hardest and still it's not even near their "TARGET"of what you should achieved?
What do you do?How do you feel?Stressed?Sick?Depressed?Talk to someone?Play along?"bodek"them a bit?I don't know..What is the best way for you to deal with this situation.?
You and me....different,childhood,how we were raised=different..backgrounds?,how do we find one solution for this?
Some people will say.....move on
some might say....ignore that person
some say......i dunno
some ....smirk at you
some......sabar(be patient)

I believe at some point in your life,you're just too tired to hear the same advices and the same people telling you the SAME thing all the time....
Being PATIENT ..all your life is also verrryyy tiring...
What do you do then??TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE....
Do things at your own pace,own way and at the same time,be nice to all those people around you that has been bugging you,telling you that you're not good enough.SMILE...It is YOUR why bother what people have to say.?As long as your actions does no harm to you and your loved ones....continue.Life's too short to live by what others think of you..It is not them who give you this life.You don't owe anyone any explanations on how you bathe your kids,what you make them for breakfast,why your sambal tumis is not as nice as your sister's,why you wear your clothes starting with your left hand instead of your right hand,why you walk sideways and not like a supermodel,why you don't put on makeup,why you don't have enough designer handbags...and the lists are endless.....

Monday, March 22, 2010

My first stall ;)

Salam everyone...ola ;)There's always a first time for,for the first time,I'll be opening a shop table at a bazaar as stated below.I'll be selling ..aha!! "baby" ...homemade halal beef lasagna
creme caramel and other yummies,together with Ame with her beautiful craftwork.So dear friends,do come...hope to see u there ;)
(anyone who wishes to pre-order their lasagna,pls do so by thursday.lasagna will be sold at rm50,rm5 off the normal price.)
Venue: SEGi University College, Kota Damansara
Address: No. 9, Jalan Teknologi, Taman Sains Selangor, Kota Damansara, PJU 5, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor D.E.
Date: 27-28 March 2010
Time: 10am - 5pm

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Life as a homemaker@housewife...;)

Assalamualaikum...Ola people!!!

Today's entry is about me and me only..not about other homemakers or queen of the house ya...;)
I used to work for 11 years,resigned.Worked for a month with a multinational company,resigned..and have been staying home ever since.Since I left the "working"world,I've seen and heard many comments about "housewives,orang rumah,homemakers..and whatever that this so called "working"people called them(including me la..)Most of the time the remarks will be
"eh,you dah tak kerja?best la dokrumah,goyang kaki,main2 ngan anak je kan"
"ohhh..surirumah,bestla..takde dateline,takde meeting"
"eeeiii..bestnye jadi housewife ye..relax kan"
Some are plain dumb comments to me,some are cynical,some are just being bitchy...some are????IGNORANT???
I saw this in my friends ,friend FB status:as I'm not a normal housewife,i don't have the time to buat update blog".....
hmmmm...maybe she should resign and go learn how to manage her time well.
In life ...we're given/blessed with 24hrs,manage it !!...
Life of a stay at home mom:
  • starts at 6am..mandi,solat..boil water for my coffee
  • hidai baju..if raining,figure out how to make em dry and not smelly..meaning all over the house/guest room
  • I'm not gonna break into details what i do at home..just so you who have maid knows,EVERYTHING that your maid does..i do it,vacuum,sapu rumah,doing dishes,hidai baju,lap itu ini,clean the bathroom,....i don't wash the cars or do the gardening coz i don't have a garden...hahahha..
  • my kids learn to read and write from me ..alhamdulillah,even muqaddam.alhamdulillah..
  • i cook almost everyday...almost.
  • i sleep late coz that's the only "ME TIME" that i have.
  • I NEVER..go out WITHOUT my kids..not anybody's problem,not mine either..sometimes leceh but I wont leave them with other people except my husband.
  • Who ever said housewife don't have datelines or meeting??preparing my kids meal,their bathtime,tea time,nap time,reading time,playing time, time..everything that involves a toddler and a 5 year old...i call it dateline..constantly on the my feet..have to be faster than them...
  • sometimes i don't even know what to cook...:/
I'm not a perfect housewife..not a perfect mommy..Don't even wish I'm perfect but I do wish and doa everyday that what I do will benefit my kids and my family.They're the most important people in my life..I'm blessed to have them with me...
Oh ya,no to forget,I'm a unit trust consultant and I bake :) whoever says being a housewife is easy...ask them to resign and try doing it first....;)
(another thing...please don't forget the endless siblings fights,messing up the toys room,their sakit demam,endless questions why,what,when...from my kids...tiring but satisfying)

Monday, March 15, 2010

stop whining and change...for your future's sake!!!

Assalamualaikum everyone...Ola people!!Hope everybody had a good weekend.It's school hols and maybe some of you are out there with your kids and loved ones,maybe some are at home with your kids,watching TV and enjoying each others company :))
I hope this entry will be short and sweet and will benefit some of us including me.:)I have some friends,acquaintance,people from all walks of life saying that they're tired of doing what they're doing and yet not enough money every month...I maybe the wrong person they talked to as I'm my own boss(my choice..and I don't complain)...hmmm..let's see if I can be some help to those in this category....I will always say,whatever your condition is, save some money first,before you spend it on other things.
  • every month,pay yourself first.put in an account where you know you don't have easy access to it>this is to ensure when you fall sick (nauzubillah),you wont have to call a friend to ask for medical money.
  • B.Y.O.F>bring your own food!!!!people2...come on..don't be such a lazy bum to make your own sandwich to those who likes it hot and spicy,make sambal tumis during the weekend,and there you have sambal tumis sandwich to bring to work,and sambal tumis is great as they can be reheat many can bring to work maybe 2 or 3 times??
  • B.Y.O.D>bring your own drinks!!!so what if people call you cheapskates??so what??they're NOT gonna be there to pay for your hutang and medical bills when you so need the money right?bring water or coffee in your flask.bring creamer in sachets if you like 'em white :)
  • how to have home cooked food when you're tired?easy..cook only once a week,in big portions,freeze them and when u come home,thaw and reheat them>don't tell me you want steak every night right?eat healthy food and not rice every night will do a LOT of GOOD to your body :)
This list are purely from my obeservation and own experience.Though I've never worked in an office before(does one month in the office counts?)..I fine this method works for me.I see so many people complaining of not having enough time to cook,always eating out and before end of the month(usually 2 weeks before)the money's all gone....:(
CHANGE!!!You have to change to be able to have a different life.Money doesn't drop from the those homemakers,where their husbands are the sole breadwinner,there must be something that you can do to help the economy of your family.Stop whining and complaining or blaming other people even...
It's easy to blame other people for everything..but let's not do that.Be in charge of your life,be a responsible person,if not for other people,for yourself.Life may not be the same tomorrow,you may not have that job that you have today tomorrow..nobody knows what in there for you,be prepared.SAVE and CHANGE!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Assalamualaikum everyone
oh yeah..i've been tagged..never been tagged before,not ada femesla sikit(ferasan) goes.....

Here are the rules to accept the award :

1. Thank & link the person that gave you the award. THANK YOU IZ
2. Pass this award onto 15 bloggers you’ve recently discovered and think are fantastic:wokay..sapa yg kena???
  10. MAZNAH
  13. THIS IS ME
3. Contact said Blogs and let them know they’ve won the award – Oh..Okayyyy..:)
4. State 7 things about yourself....
  1. simple
  2. loving but can be paranoid mom
  3. blunt
  4. honest
  5. loyal
  6. sensitive
  7. active

Monday, March 8, 2010

lasagna in Shah Alam :)

Assalamualaikum everybody........
Announcement2x...I will be in Giant Shah Alam on Friday 12/03/2010 around 1230hrs to deliver lasagnas.If you wish to place your order,please do so by wednesday..nak kena confirm awai2 can reach me at 016-9057668 or email or order kat chatbox
Thank you semua..see u there :)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Qamilla Boutique

Assalamualaikum...olla people :)
I was pretty busy as usual,Alhamdulillah but managed to meet few old friends in between my tight schedules(macam busy gilakan)keekkekeek..I went to SACC to meet up with an old friend,the last time I saw her was in 1994???maybe,while waiting  for her I walked into this boutique called love..with her collections..oh my,oh my...I maybe exaggerating but I don't think I am..I find her collections...simple yet stunningly elegant..I quickly told my darling husband..."now u know where I'm going to get my baju kurung and jubah from"..heheheh..He agreed that their collections are different from any other shops that we've been into..their collections of men's baju melayu are also equally stylish...*sigh*...i'm dreaming of that polka  dot cotton kurung and that black jubah with sarawak motifs.........

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

stress no more.....:)

Salam people..
A short entry on what I take for helping me go through a hectic day.I can't elaborate on what  vitamins or supplement to take for your body..every body works /react differently on supplements,so..ask your doctor for advice before splurging on supplements that you don't even know whether your body needs them or not.
As for me this B-50 works for me,it helps me to go through my everyday life,hectic jgk,no maid,2 toddlers,update clients and deliver orders..:)I get them from,if you guys wanna try,head to the nearest Cosway outlet :)..cheers.
*please check with your doctor first before buying the product,if you are allergic to any supplements*

Monday, March 1, 2010

sediakan payung sebelum hujan

Assalamualaikum...Ola people :)
Do you have a fire extinguisher at home?in your car?..I believe everyone should have at least one in their home and in their car.I want to share this experience with you guys..It wasn't that scary but scary enough to make me want you to have this thing at home.
I was at my MI L's house last Thursday..I was supposed to attend a friends majlis doa selamat in Bkt A on Friday morning.So,I had something to do in KL on thursday ,we spend the nite at MIL's,eh,...melalut lak aku ni..sorry eh..
At around 4ish Friday morning i woke up to attend to muaz..I didn't know what time it was.I was about to go back to sleep when I smell something burning.It was mild a first then it became stronger.I got up wondering if my MIL had woke up and have something on the stove.
I opened the room door to a dining room filled with smoke.I rushed to the kitchen but there was nothing on the stove,my mind straight away thought,the house is on fire!!
I called out for my husband"yang..something's burning,get up"..Muaz didn't sleep and hung on to my husband who was already up and went straight for the kitchen door.He opened the kitchen to let the smoke out and went in front to open the sliding door .I went to check on marissa..alhamdulillah we were all okay.My hubby woke my in laws up and FIL said it has got to do with the wiring or one of the lights.
We were all okay,the house was not on fire,the circuit breaker tripped and everything went ok,alhamdulillah...buttt..I couldn't sleep coz muaz didn't want to sleep.I didn't sleep until 0930hrs Friday morning..I wanted to stay up to attend the kenduri but I was to exhausted that I slept and woke up at 1130 or so..the kenduri was suppose to be at 11am.(i was tired because i send my dad in pekeliling on Thurs and had a lot going on that week)
I 'm sorry my friend that I missed the kenduri,it wasn't intentional.I wouldn't have come all the way from nilai if i didn't want to attend yr majlis,but it wasn't meant to be.(my friend hasn't replied my msgs since that day)Insyallah..ada rezeki kalau u jemput lagi i akan sampai.This is where the saying goes,"kita merancang and Allah yg menentukan"..:(
So,back to the other story,get a BCF/fire extinguisher,keep it at home.It's vital to have it at home..learn on how to use it,it's pretty easy.
take care people..salam.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Al-Fatihah,adik syafiah humairah sahari

Al-Fatihah to Syafiah Humairah Sahari....I'm beyond words..I can't describe,couldn't find a word to describe how I'm feeling right now.I'm not going to elaborate on how I'm feeling.I just want to say this to that're a bloody murderer and you don't deserve to live.You should be shot,should be kicked by 1000 footballers(make that a million) and should be lashed and dragged by 100 horses.
To the so called are a whore!!!a sick whore and you will see your daughter in the other world and you can only pray that she will pray for you...nauzubillah..kerana nafsu kau biarkan anak kau dibunuh,diseksa..hanya kerana nafsu syaitan kau tu.nauzubillah..jauhkan aku dari sifat binatang ini.bianatng pun sayangkan anak.
This kind of behaviour have to put to a stop.There has to be an akta to defend and to protect these children...Why hasn't anyone propose the mother to be canned?That model who was suppose to be canned,she's a loving mother...yet people don't want to see that side of her..yet this idiot who let her daughter die...boleh pengsan konon..4mths pregnant with another baby...boleh senyap one nak sebat dia???something is very wrong here.
Let's all pray that adik syafiah rest in peace.Semoga tempat mu disana lebih aman,lebih penuh kasih sayang dari NYA.Sesungguhnya,tempat kau disana dan bukan dengan orang2 yg zalim ini,wallahualam..Allah SWT Maha Mengetahui.
Yang buruk dari saya sendiri,Yang baik hanya dari Allah SWT.

Friday, February 26, 2010

malaysia's public toilet=filthy

Assalamualaikum people....:)Salam Maulidur Rasul,Selawat ke atas Nabi Junjungan Nabi Muhammad SAW....
I wanted to post this entry last year but I was too bitter,fed-up and just tired even thinking bout it.I can be very bitchy or might even use vulgar words so i decided not to post any entry about this public toilet issue until now...very in composed mode huahuahuhauhau....
I'll make this as short,simple,SWEET as I possibly could :)........
I hate the public toilet in our country!!!!!!!!I hate the mentality of the people who can't even have the decency to wash after themselves properly.I hate it that we have to pay to enter and use toilets that's flooded with dirty water....I hate public toilets here that are not user friendly.....Masyaallah...Can somebody,anybody that can change the mindset of our people,to be more civic minded,to become cleaner people....!!!!Try the public toilet in PD...go and try.My hubby said the gents toilet are not so bad..but LADIES toilet..YA RABB..........pengotor macam takda kepala hotak!!!!!!What's the use of the brain inside your head???throwing used shampoo packets on the floor,used sanitary pads on the floor..????!!!The floor flooded with almost everything that's used.
Malls toilets???Don't even go to that mall in Putrajaya....masyaallah..90%malay,muslims..toilet macam !@#$%^.....with the smell,the tissues thrown not in the bin but on the floor...I just don't get it..I don't get it..I get into really bad,bad mood everytime I have to use the public toilet in MALAYSIA...Most of the time I wished there's something that could be done to "teach" these species of people who doesn't know how to use public toilets..there's no time to educate them,some are "old" enough....*fennnatttt*
Go travel,overseas...go learn from those they keep their public toilets clean and dry and mind you..they're "kapior"...cakap sleng perak skt kasi paham...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My princess turns 5

Alhamdulillah,thank you Allah SWT for blessing me and my husband with wonderful children.We had a small birthday celebration for my baby,princess Marissa on Sunday 21/2/10 at KFC KD Giant.She turned 5 on the 18Th Feb.We had a blast  and I felt so blessed surrounded by loved ones, family and close friends.Thank you all for making it a wonderful event.On behalf of Shahrom and myself,I'd like to thank all of you for coming..with all the beautiful gifts,thank you*hugs*Thank you KFC for organizing a great fun-filled party.If you guys want to make a birthday party for your cute KFC at 1 300 88 66 33.They're great.
Alhamdulillah again and take care.:)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Assalamualaikum...hey you..:)
busy me,running after the kids,3 days without water supply last weekend...and cupcakes orders for this weekend,my dad coming to visit(yeayyy)..creme caramel to get them ready before the 20th..around 20-25pkts..and I'm happy..Alhamdulillah.Won't be posting any entry until everythings a good week ahead people!

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