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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Muslim women and colours « Everyday Muslims

Muslim women and colours « Everyday Muslims

just sharing some info with my fellow muslims sisters :)

buka puasa sorang2..:(

Today I'm breaking my fast alone...huaaa...hehehe...saspens je..actually I'm so used of handling things,the house,the kids alone..yess..husband always not around...oh no..don't have naughty imaginations ya...he's away working.
So 1st year marriage memang sad lah..but after that I got used to it and it's not so bad."everybody needs a little time alone..."muahahaha...remember that song??
so,gotta go babes...have to boil water for my nescafe...ahhhh...happy breakfasting y'all..

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Yayang!

Salam y'all...How was buka puasa?Hope y'all didn't stuff yourself with all the delicious food.:)
Last Thursday we went for a special family dinner to celebrate my other half's birthday...age?hehehe..biarlah rahsia.We went to Nilai Springs Resort Hotel
It's a new hotel in town and a very nice one too.
I didn't take any pictures of the food...was too hungry to snap pics..hehehe..I had Rancheros Grilled Steak served with sweet basil mayonnaise and black pepper sauce..yummy,my husband had Beef Stewed served with fettuccine and sauteed capsicum(sedaps gilos)and the kids had Al Dante spaghetti with meatball in tomato sauce.There were no one there except us,Alhamdulillah.I think there was a company gathering held there and they finished their buffet dinner before we came.I'm glad because I really don't want to be in a crowded area :)
Marissa enjoyed herself so much and asked to take her there again..(Insya'Allah sweetheart)She's a very cheeky girl and she loves making funny faces.Now,Muaz is following her footsteps,making funny faces too..hmmm...(layann)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

terawih oh terawih....

Salam people....How's your fasting so far?Going for sunat terawih later?I really want to go but..makcik ada 2 anak kecik kan(macamla kecik sgt)It's like this,eversince I had my kids,I've never had the chance to do my solat terawih at the mosque or rather berjemaah.I only do it at home...alone.:(...I'm OK with it coz to me it's bahagian masing2 but this year I think I want to try to take my two kiddos to the mosque for terawih.Marissa should be OK,she knows how to behave but Muaz...hmmm...I've seen him waiting for my hubby,not by his side but he was sitting a bit far from where my husband was praying.I don't want him to wander around when everybody else is praying..
So,have to discuss again with my better half bout this.If it's not safe,then..mummy solat in the house ajela..:)
So babes...selamat berbuka puasa and selamat solat terawih.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Selamat Berpuasa dan beribadah..

To all my friends and fellow muslems...Selamat beribadah di bulan Ramadhan semoga mendapat rahmat dari Allah swt..

Nervous?Travelling With Todders?Don't Fret!Enjoy Their Company.

Salam babes....daddies too...

As y'all already know,I just came back from a trip with my 2 kiddos.Marissa is 4+ and Muaz is 2+..My kids are very active,very curious about almost everything...they ask many questions and so on lah kann..I've been to Zurich with Marissa when she was 18mths old and it was a pleasant flight to and back.Mainly because Marissa was still breastfeeding then and she's such a good girl.She sat on her seat,ate her meals and slept when she felt sleepy.I was very lucky,Alhamdulillah.

After 3 years,I went to Auckland with not one but 2 toddlers,and this time I have a boy with me.Yup!!Muaz the "cannon ball"..I was quite nervous not knowing if I could handle them well,if they"ll behave,if they need to go to the loo...bla..bla..bla..

So,to shorten this piece...I'd like to share a few "tips"(i hope it will help)esp if you're travelling without yr spouse or yr maid..

  1. Be positive:have an open mind,relax and have a positive thinking before you start your journey.You don't want to spoil the holiday mood.

  2. Smile:It relaxes your facial much as you want to scream at your kids,smile first..then the tense will slowly fade away...

  3. Think funny:Do you have a funny bone?don't stress your kids with "don't do this or that stuffs"..let them explore.You have to understand that by exploring,your kids learns faster.

  4. BYO rubbish bag:When you travel with toddlers,anticipate to have extra mess around you.So,in order to make some space in that cramp seat of yours,BYO plastic bags.Put everything that you don't need to use in the bag etc.wrappers,plastic cups,tissues...

  5. Pre-order kids meal:Usually they come in a special box that will attract your kiddos,they have some cards or colouring stuffs to keep them occupied.Oh yes,don't forget to remind the stewardesses to serve your kids first before they serve you(they usually serve the kids 10-15mins before you get your tray)

  6. Lighten up:when you have kids,they're your top,don't sulk when you don't get to read your fav mags or watch your fav movies.Keep your children occupied with their shows and video games,don't forget to answer their questions or they'll be ringing for the crew to attend to them :)

  7. Walkabout:please let your children stretch or take them for a short walk around the cabin when the "coast"is clear.Having your kids strapped to their seats is not a wise decision.let them stretch their legs or have a chat with other mommies or children if they want to as long as they're not disturbing other passengers.

  8. Last but not least....have fun.Your kids want to have fun with you,loosen up a bit and you'll pass this with flying colours.I'm looking forward to my next holidays with my kiddos..we had a blast,alhamdulillah.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Auckland and Kelly Tarlton's

Salam everyone...Maybe some of you want to know where we went in Auckland...with 2 active toddlers,you have to take them to a place they will enjoy and remember.We took them to Kelly Tarltons,the Underwater details,just google it and you'll find all the interesting info's.(sorry babes...I'm so lazy)
Fun and very interesting place for the kids and us.The next time you want to go for a family holiday,try Auckland.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Randy,beloved pet passed away 17/08/09

I received a call at 0815hrs on the 17Th/08/09 from my little sis,Aza....she couldn't even speak.All I heard was her cries and she said"randy".....I knew then...
I'm terribly sad of the news,my sister and my mom was devastated.They wouldn't even talk...They were both still crying when i called her 5 minutes ago.Not many would understand why it's such a big thing to us.Only cat lovers would.I don't have a picture of randy,they're all with my sisters.He's this flat faced Persian cat,orange....adorable and lazy.He's been with us or rather my sister for more than 15years..He will be missed...Even if I tell you how special he was,not many would understand...BabyBlu would as she knows how we loved Randy and how Randy has been a part of our journey in this world.
I know Randy is in a better place right now." know i love you and i will always will...:( ...)Rest in peace..we love you.

Monday, August 17, 2009

SKY TOWER......and Auckland

Salam everyone......The kids had fun in Auckland,we had fun..mainly because of the fresh air,cool weather and the city itself are well organized.Nope,its not as hi-tech as Narita or any Japan city but this city is relaxing.You can grab a sandwich from subway and sit at the bench by the roadside and can still enjoy the meal without having to worry whether you gonna miss the next bus.The city bus,which is free,comes around every 10 minutes...and even though it's free,you'll never see anyone rushing for seats or cutting the queue.You feel safe there,there are police on standby at almost everywhere...hmmm...okay,hope you'll enjoy the pics.Didn't take many of them,busy running after the kids.

Mummy's little girl made mummy proud :)

Have to share this with everybody...not bragging or "over"...just sharing my happiness with my readers.

Today Marissa tied up her shoelaces in a perfect knot!!!!On her own!!!!without me looking!!!without help from her ayah!!!yeah!!!!!good job baby!!!!

Tonight before she went to bed,she told me..."mummy...we have blood in our body.Our heart pumps the blood throughout our body so that we can live.If our heart stops pumping..we will die..."

Errrr...yup,that's my 4 year old talking...uh..does all 4 year olds speaks like that nowadays??I dunno..she doesn't go to kindergarten,we hardly watch national geo...hmmm...maybe Playhouse disney channels told her all this..way to go PHD!!!I'm proud of you clever little princess(overnye mummy)...Alhamdulillah...thank you Allah for this precious gift :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

More on trip to Auckland :)

Salam everyone.....2nd day in Auckland,the weather was sunny,temperature around 14Celsius...loved it.The kids had fun running around the city enjoying the cool breeze on their faces...Their appetite was good when we were there...the cold weather had a positive effect on them..hehehe:)..kebabs,fried chicken and fries,subway...chap chye rice,fried noodles,pineapple cookies was our menu through out the 5 days stay.Oh big bags of nachos,chocolate,cookies,green apples and bananas...hmmm...mummy put on weight and not happy!!!

We went to the famous Sky Tower...I'm not going into details,you can google for more info.My personal opinion of the Sky Tower?Brilliant!!!Absolutely a tower which they can be proud of.Its a place where the tourists and locals can get all the info's they need to go around Auckland,free shuttles to the hot spots and free city buses to take you around the city.You can get all the tickets there itself,there are cafes indoors and outdoors and they're people friendly,children friendly,wheelchair friendly...hmmm,what else..just amazing.Very friendly people too.(kenapa la KL tower tak friendly)

Had a great time there watching tourists and the locals jumping from the tower deck to the ground..we were for almost 2 hrs,then decided to take a stroll in the city.....makan time and went back to the hotel.It gets really cold in the evening,so..time to snuggle under the comforters :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009


(pictures taken on the day of departure at KLIA,08/08/09.....)

Assalamualaikum.......hello people....mummy's back....wooohooo....yeeeehaaaa...(macam la ada orang carekan???)hehehe...I'm still tired and still thinking of Auckland.We had an amazing time especially Marissa and Muaz..The weather was quite chilly for us and it was really windy.I don't really have much to tell(actually malas nak update)So many happy moments on my mind but really dunno how to express it with words...nantila...when i rajin,the stories will come bit by bit...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ta ta everyone...:)

Salam everyone.....
leaving for KLIA at 1700hrs..InsyaAllah will come back on the 14th august at 2005hrs.Please pray for the safety of our trip :).Take care everyone and dont forget your masks..

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Influenza Jab

ola,lupa pulak..salam's your day?mine was filled with laughters and running up and down after the kids,and dont forget the famous mommy's scream...hahahahaha....
We went to KPJ Seremban Specialist Hospital to get our Influenza jab.It wasn't painful for me..Marissa didn't even shed a tear...but the "cannon ball " boy...OMG!!!He wasn't even lying down on the stretcher when the kind and sweet nurse jabbed him...I had to hold him and his ayah had to hold his legs....alamakkk!!!Muaz,Muaz...why such a cry baby.Kakak didn't even cry.
So,he cried with tears streaming down his face...more like a waterfall to me for 8-10 mins before he finally stopped and chased his sister around the hospital with mask on his face.Yeah...all of us had the surgical masks on....I dont wanna take any chances on this matter...neither should anyone....(my own personal views)
What I read few days back was very sad and scary to me...The victim didn't even had the symptoms of H1N1,no coughing,no flu..slight temperature and died later that night after she was admitted in the morning...How sad is that??
I'm terribly sleepy now...I'd like to wish all muslims friends,selamat menyambut nisfu syaaban.Semoga semua amalan mu diterima malam ini dan doa mu dimakbulkan,amin.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009 we come!!

Salam everyone....:)

I guess me n my kids are going to Auckland ...hehehehe...Tomorrow we're going to get the influenza jab at the hospital.I know its a bit late to get the jab since we're leaving on the 8th,insyaAllah..but it's better late than never right?Why we didn't get the jab earlier is because we couldn't decide if we're going or not...poor decision making...Other than the Influenza A thingy,Auckland is now in winter season and August is the rainy season too..I wouldn't want us to be stucked in the hotel for 5 days..yeah,with two active toddlers..oh nooo!!!disaster....

It's okay..i just want a change of will do good for me and the kids.Doesn't matter la if it rains or not.We'll find ways to enjoy our trip...woooohooo...

Well,doakan for us to have a safe trip going and back...

Monday, August 3, 2009



"anak you sekolah ke?"asked one lady to me(marissa is 4 and she speaks well :) )

"ala..sekolah 3 times a week je,buat main2 biar ada kawan,i lah principal cum maid cum driver..hahahaha"i replied.

"hmmm..tak kerja,dok rumah bolelah..kita ni kerja"she replied mockingly..

I can only smile,a bit hurt but only for 5 seconds..

That conversation took place in a small gathering I attended few days back.The lady that said that to me,don't know me personally,she has no idea of my background,my past and my present..oh well..maybe she knows a lil tiny bit from our mutual friend...I have no idea why she said it,maybe she's one of these people who thinks highly of themselves just because they're employed by some company,no matter how lousy it is.............maybe she's just bitter because she have no interest to raise her kids herself and just want to "bitch"around..

hahahahaha...she got the wrong person.I feel sorry for her, explanation needed here..really sorry for you lady,hopefully you'll recover from your bitterness and will be kind to others.

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