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Saturday, June 27, 2009 :(

Yesterday has to be one of the saddest day of my life.Waking up to find out from CNN news that one of the greatest performer has passed on.I was shocked and no words could describe the emotions that I had...until at this present moment I am still in shocked.MJ has to be "the"only performer af all time that has touched millions of hearts irregardless of their nationality,race,colors,religion,age,gender.....
My main concern now is what type of burial is he going to get..If he was a muslim,i "doa"that he will be buried quickly and if he's not I hope he'll get a burial that he would wish for.My heart goes out to his 3 kids and family...
To the King of many hearts...Rest in Peace.(We heart you)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Krispy kreme,Big Apple,JCo Coffee n out!

Salam everyone...hahaha..i'm getting good at i made donuts for tea.It was a sucess!!Congratulations to mummy!!hehehe..This is my 2nd attemp in making donuts.The first attempt was a year ago and it wasn't good at all..well,this time i wanted to do it because i like donuts too and i like it the way my mama made for us when we were little..soft but crispy on the outside.It's not like the ones you find in the bakery,i don't know what they add in the ingredients,but they always smell of something..hmm..weird to me.

I was very happy with my donuts.They were how i'd like them to be,soft in the inside and crunchy on the outside.Unfortunately my dearest other half is not here.(working)maybe i can keep some for him.He's not into dessert anyway.My kids loved it.They got up from their afternoon nap and immediately went to the kitchen to have their homemade donuts...mummy is pleased again.*Alhamdulillah*
Well'll never know unless you try right?Although i dont cook everyday but i'm a firm believer that mommies cooking is the best in the world..insyaAllah.
(i need a massage..BADLY!!)


Salam everyone...:) How's things with you people lately?I've been busy with my kids,the usual stuffs.Been cooking off late,i mean really cooking..trying out new recipes.Not many but you know,sometimes you have this sudden urge in yourself to try doing something new?...and it was trying out new things for me.It may not be anything to some people but for someone like me,who hardly cooks...i can say i am proud of myself.
Last weekend we went to my "old"friend,ame@babyblue..hehehe,if you see my lists of followers,she's there.One of my oldest friend,our friendship went way back in 1995..(think so)hahaha..anyway..she went for a long holiday trip recently and i went to her house day after she arrived.This sweet friend got me a non-alcoholic perfume from Dubai.I asked her to buy one bottle for me,which she did(soo nice of her).The minute i smell the eyes closed and my vision and my memory went to the place where i missed most..Mekah/Mecca.I get very emotional whenever i talk about mecca..i really don't know why.I don't even have to talk about it,mentioning Mecca Itself already bring tears to my eyes.Ohh..i missed it soo much..The perfume reminded me of Mecca and brought back visions of Mecca,Kaabah,Masjid Nabawi in Madinah..Alhamdulillah.
I guess Ame saw the "look" on my face(that's what she said)and after left her house,she sent sms to my mobile saying that the perfume is a gift from her..May Allah bless you n your family,and may you be blessed with more wealth and happiness,aminn.*hugs*

Few days passed and my routine at home are mostly the same like other "normal" mommies,cooking,cleaning,feeding the kids.What made me proud this week is that i made "apam" for my kids..on my own..*yippiieee!!!*I never thought that it was that easy!Excuse me,but i've never learn how to bake or cook or make desserts.hehehe..

I was ssooooo glad it turn out great and my kids loved it so much.Unfortunately i only had red colouring at home.Wanted to make the apam colorful at first but it's ok..maybe next time.Muaz loves "apam" and he asked for this "apam" for breakfast,after lunch,tea time and for dinner..hehehe.

I've been cooking off late due to the weather..haha!!It's really not a good time to go out,the weather is verryy hot and there are deadly viruses that i feel safer to be at home.(yess,i can be very melodramatic and like to exaggerate ;) ) Plus my husbands likes my cooking and so does my kids(yeah right!)

So here's another dish that i made right out of my fridge.I can say i'm very good at "dumping"everything from the fridge to make a dish and tasty one i may add.hahaha...I like to call it "spaghetti ala mummycool"..yeahh!!It was for our dinner last wednesday.Yummmyyy...We finished it in less than 10 mins.haha.."ripley's believe it or not"

My next project is to make nestum n raisins cookies,chicken rice and...hmmmm...what else is good to eat?It depends on my mood really..we'll see ..chicken rice are the kids favourite and i've never tried cooking,when ame told me that she can make chicken rice it's like an inspiration..(honest).really..salute to anyone,mommies or daddies who cooks for their family.

Well,that's all for tonight.:) Wishing all of you a nice weekend...hehehe.

Friday, June 12, 2009

My side income..:)

Salam everyone..the weather is really testing us all lately dont you think?Muaz and me are having runny nose n sore throat.I guess the haze is affecting us.No outing at the moment...with the H1N1 and all these viruses in the air,I try not to be in crowded area at the moment.Verrryyy scarreeyyy...There was once we were in the lift at the KLIA airport,a boy sneezed inside the cramp lift and i wanted to "kill"him!!!He didn't even cover his mouth..eewww!!sakit jiwa aku!! much as i dont want to go out,i still have to go to my"office" to submit my work.Hmm,i've never really told anyone here what i do at home besides lazing around with my family?I'm a certified unit trust consultant with Public Mutual.hehehe..What i do is encourage people to save their money with public mutul's fund.Its the best alternative to common savings account and its better.I'm doing this together with my beloved husband,my pillar of strength,my faithful supporter(thank u yang!!*love you*)We enjoy doing this together and we make a good team.So,if anyone of you wants to have a better return on your savings or you want to become a consultant like me,let me know.Only with the best company in Malaysia..woohooo.!!

I'm really enjoying what i do right now,i get to do it at my own time,no pressure from anyone and only I can push myself to go further.I dont have to leave my kids under other people's care,i can still take care of my kids,my house,still cook and clean the house and at the same time doing some side business to help my husband.*alhamdulillah*I'm so thankful and God really answered my prayers.*Alhamdulillah*InsyaAllah,who knows in the future i can own my own shop or cafe or a spa even...its always nice to dream but it doesn't have to be a dream..we can make it happen,don't you think?InsyaAllah..
My heroes..*hugs*

Sunday, June 7, 2009

another great week :)

Salam everyone....I hope everybody had a great week..i did.Last Monday,an old friend(knew her way back in 92')called me.I didn"t recognize the number on my hp coz i lost my mobile earlier this year.She called to offer me a 3 days 2 night stay at Ancasa Allsuites Resort n Spa in PD(port dickson).I was shocked at first..who wouldn't.I've never won any free holidays before so this is like a really nice surprise.I discussed with my husband and after declining,still she insisted on us taking the offer.She paid for the rooms inclusive of buffet breakfasts for 2.The room were meant for her bro in-law but they couldn't make it and since they don't want the rooms not occupied,after all they had paid,they wanted us to use the rooms...I'm thankful,alhamdulillah.For me,this is "rezeki" for my kids.We've been planning for their long overdue holiday,overseas...all were cancelled due to flt cancelled,H1N1...etc,etc..and suddenly this generous couple calling us and giving us this's like a very much needed getaway,all at the right time.*Alhamdulillah*So we went and had fun..lotsa fun,i'm happy for my kids had a nice time.I ant thank you enough to this humble ,generous couple.May Allah bless you more with rezeki and happiness,amin.
My son had slight temperature this morning and we took him to the local clinic.Gave him his medication and i hope he'll be okay tomorrow morning.My sister came to visit us again today with my mom,they stayed for a few hours but couldn't take them out for dinner because Muaz wasn't felling well :( Maybe next time ok ma,za.)
i have to cut this post short as i'm getting sleepier now.All i can say is things have been good for us..Alhamdulillah..i'm so thankful..really i am.I hope is going well for all of you reading my blog right now.Take care people..
Salam everyone....I hope everybody had a great week..i did.Last monday,an old friend(knew her way back in 92')called me.I didnt recognizethe number on my hp

Monday, June 1, 2009

mummy is pleased..:)

Salam's your weekends?Mine has never been better.It has been a hectic but a good week..a great one in fact.*alhamdulillah*Starting with marissa's improvement at her school,i'm soo pleased with her doing so well in school.Even Muaz is following his sister's footsteps.He actually stayed in class for one whole hour!!Yeay! Muaz!!We're all proud of you,that's my boy!I know i'm making a big deal out of this.It's because my kids has NEVER been away from read that right..N-e-v-e-r...because mummy loves to be with them All the time.hahahaha..mummy is obsessed..;)So,when my boy Muaz actually stayed in his sister's class,mingling with the rest of the students,for one whole hour...mummy is VERY proud of you.
I posted few weeks back about my concerns of marissa's learning progress,whether this is the right "base" for her and I have to say i'm very pleased with what i see.she's learning to read and recognize words and spellings.I continue teaching her how to red on my own.Usually i don't take more than half an hour.I try to teach her basic maths as far we're having fun..*alhamdulillah*
I thought of starting Muaz on his potty training.Maybe when we're both ready.Muaz is also showing a lot of interest in reading.I'm glad.He recognized pictures and now I'm starting to teach him both words and pictures.I dont teach my kids phonics...simple reason,i don't know how it works.During my time in the kindy,we didn't have this phonics programme.I'm not sure how it works but i think,I'll stay with my method and vital years method..:)
Today my mom and my sister came and we had lunch in town and went to alamanda for window shopping.The kids had so much fun with their su n grandma.thank you ma,thank you za.InsyaAllah,we'll pay you a visit when time permits.
Our new washing machine arrived the first time i'm using a top loading works well,that's what matters.Cant spend too much nowadays,have to "save for tomorrow"hehehe...but i love the machine and makes my life easier,alhamdulillah...thank you Yang .(we had to send the clothes to the laundry for the past 3 mths)
Hmmm...what else ya??Maybe i'm sleepy now...wayyy past my sleeping time...i'll update this blog again when i can make time.
signing out,mummycool.
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