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Monday, June 7, 2010


Hello peoplee...:))It's been a while eh:)I've been to say this..??not hibernating...been very busy trying,very hard to keep myself sane:) need to know the details..its very memeningkan and very bowringggg::))))
What I want to say here ...what do you besides having stronger faith in HIM...when you're facing something so hard for you to swallow?besides having more faith,sabar,write the do's and the dont's..the good and bad list,the right and wrong...after all that lists...a never ending one I  might add...what then?
how do you decide?
I was in this situation few times,and alhamdulillah,i got my answers but this time it's really testing me:)
I guess this test is a very tiny one compared to others but still...I pray for strength and guidance from HIM.
When you know you're alone in this fight,you have nowhere to run to HIM...for if no one knows who you are inside,
no one fells what you feel,
when others judge you as they wish....
you turn to HIM for strength,guidance and love.:)
I'm in a crossroad here..alone...
do i make a decision to please other people?
please myself?
my kids are my no1 question bout that...
so..what do I do?:))
I have no answer.....

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Ayu Hashim said...

salam, kenapa nie dear... ada apa2 yg boleh dibantu ke?? any thing email me ya.. :)

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