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Friday, June 18, 2010

...still around...:)

I wonder if this blog still have readers...:)to you who's reading this,I thank you with a big hug*hugs*
I'm still around,Alhamdulillah :)
Still baking,updating clients,managing the two kids..etc,etc..:)...Life has been...emmmm...okay:)
Sometimes things happen without any warnings or signs....sometimes,you just have to go with the flow and play along with whatever that comes your way.It could be painful,it could be good for you...go with the flow...
I learned in my 35 going 36 years of blessed life that,don't ever think you're alone..coz you're never long as you're still breathing HE is right there waiting for you to ask for HIS guidance:)
I learned not to question my fate,I learned that things happen for a reason(always ada nikmah)and every clouds have its own silver lining...:)
So gorgeous matter where you are,in whatever situation you are in're blessed :)
Thanks for taking the time to read this weird ramblings of mine tonight.Till we meet again...stand tall and love yourself!!!


mJ said...

u still have me maaaa as your reader..hehehe keep on blogging kay :D

adriana az said...

hehehehe...thank you babe!!!!insyaallah..:D

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