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Saturday, September 18, 2010

It takes so many to make the world....

......I was with some friends during Iftar...a week or so before AidilFitri..old and new was an OK meeting,nothing fancy.I was seated infront of an old friend,someone who's quite close to me..
She wears hijab..repent(i suppose)..I knew her during her wild days...I'm sorry ..I'm not here to talk bad about anyone..I'm only here to remind myself how people can change their skin,their clothings,their appearance but still can't change their shud i say it?They changed their appearance,cpvers their "aurat"but they talk bad about other people..they assume,they judge..without hesitation...:(
I was not surprise that she is still that way..The same person that I knew for so long,still have that bitterness in her about almost everybody..especially me..:)I can only pray..that someday she will find her peace and not be so negative about life and everybody....

I believe that no one have the right to judge other people,especially when you don't know that person...It's sad that "fitnah".."umpat" like food to some people...
May Allah swt blessed me with and all of us with his guidance and love so that we will become a better person for our loved ones and for ourself.

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