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Monday, May 11, 2009

did we make the right decision?

Salam to all......i've been quite busy lately.So many thinks on my mind but yet i couldnt put it down in words.Infact i'm not in the "mood"to put this down here but ...why not.Maybe it could clear the heavy burden that i've carried this past few days.
When my husband and i decided to send marissa to school,we have talk about it like a million time,comparing the rest of the "pre-school"that this small town has and we decided on one.It's not even in the same town that we live.Why we chose that place is because they gave us the choice to choose how many classes that marissa should attend..and that she doesnt have to go there everyday,they communicate in english only and they emphasize on reading,writing and speaking in,there's no exam.
Since marissa is only 4,and she speak well..i wanted her to have a place where she can speak english and mingle with friends.Where she doesn't have to be burden with homeworks and exams(she have more than 10 years to do that in the future)....What bothers me and my husband lately is,our daughter is not the same talkative,happy girl that we both know and loved.
i know,coz i'm mommy!Marissa is afriendly,warm and very jovial.She makes friends easily wherever she goes.but,after her 3rd class,when i ask her what are her friends names...for the 3rd time,her reply was still"i dont know"...I got a little worried.Because she always remembers name.I asked her,did you ask them?she said yes but they didnt talk to me.marissa told me that the children were not alllowed to talk to each other and they only have to sit,bersila and keep quiet and "relax".i was like !@#$%..whats going on here???
so,my husband and i talked it over and agreed to monitor her progress.what the teacher told me was she passed her stage 3 in her exercise which is very good but what bothers me is that,is my child having fun?
I've been with her 24/7 at home,teaching her with my best interest and abilities,speak to her until she can speak very well(alhamdulillah)and i can say that my daughter is not this girl that dont know her friends name.besides that what type of school that forbids the kids to talk among themselves.
What i'm going to do is to send her for her 4th class tomorrow and maybe have a little chat with the teacher.This evening i told marissa that she's got to go to school tomorrow and she said i dont want mom..i dont like the school.i cannot do anything there and i only can sit and bersila.they let me draw but they wont let me talk to the other children.
No wonder when we first went there,my daughter spoke to one of the kids and that poor boy never my daughter asked infront of the teacher,"mom,why he doesnt talk?"
i guess now i know why...
well,if i find my answer tomorrow..this could be the first and the last month marissa attends her "school".(my daughter knows the word "look"eversince she was born and this poor teacher is teaching her what is look!!!!)I would be glad to teach my daughter her spelling and the rest of it myself rather than send her to some school that wont let her be her jovial self.
I may sound like i'm being overprotective or over concerned about this,i dont mind whatever that people will labelled me.I'm a mommy and that's what a mommy does...worry!I worrry that my kids will be something they are not just because somebody else is telling them to be that way.
Well,doa for me and my kids.I have a mission marissa and muaz:mummy and ayah will try our very best to give the best education for you,duniawi and ukhrawi,insyaallah.we love you both so much and we know you will try your hardest to please us,but dont worry...let us do the worrying.If you're not happy of something you can always come and tell us.

signing out,mummycool.

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