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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

it's been a good far,:)

Salam everyone...
how's your day people?Mine has been wonderful,alhamdulillah.(so far so goooooddd).Hubby came back from work this morning,the children are happy,mummy is happy,went out for lunch and bought some groceries.
Right before we went out for lunch,i checked my email and one particular email really made my day even better.It was from have to share this with you ladies,mommies,daddies out there,this is one amazing young mommy.She inspires positive thinking in me,so that i want to be a better mommy,wife and a better that i see things in a positive way,Things that i take seriously before.Let me give an example,when i bumped into her in alamanda 3 mths ago,i walked straight to her and introduce myself.(i'm a big fan of hers)Marissa was tearing away the serviettes and some of the little pieces scattered on the food court floor.I picked up the serviettes,a little embarassed,and said"marissa,please.."and look at mamafiza and said,"sorryla,my kids are like this"And you know what mamafiza said,"it's okay dear.That is call creativity"...
I was stunned for about 3 seconds.She was right!!My daughter is just being a normal 4 years old.There's nothing to be sorry about.I should be proud of her making something out of the boring looking serviette...and you know what she called the torned serviette?"miss softee."
Isn"t that something?I was so thankful that God planned for me to see mamafiza that day.Since then,i have a better response towards my children's activities.Although its very tiring to clean up the mess,but in the process of them growing up,drawing,scribbling,cleaning up together..we as parent have to be more open,encouraging and more"fun"with our children
If you guys like to know about and the amazing mamafiza,go to their homeschool blog at tried to put up their official link in my blog,but as i said in one of my post,i'm a little buta IT..(sorry mamafiza).will try my best to post it on their blog and i'm sure you guys will agree that this petite lady is one gifted amazing mommy.
I on the other hand is still trying my best on nurturing my kiddos with good manners,habits...etc,etc.Plus,trying so hard being a more patience mom.(about absolutely everything ;) )
To my dearest mamafiza,my hats off to you again for being who you are.Insyaallah,i will try to be more positive and taking everyday as a fun day.It should be that way,as our children needs us the most at their age right now.MMuaahhss to you*hugs*.
To all you mommies and daddies out there,lets remind each other how truly blessed we are,having these precious darlings with us.Make time to be with them,no matter how busy you are with your work,make time to do things that is important to them,even if its watching their favourite programme on the tv,read to them(daddies too)...time is so precious.They'll grow up before you know it..and the time will come when they wont need you to be "there"for them.Don"t waste this time to see them grow up.Its beautiful,its very special to me and hope its special to you guys too.
signing out,mummycool.

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