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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Muhammad Muaz is 2!!

My "baby"boy is going to be 2 tomorrow.He was born on 6th may 2007,before subuh prayers on sunday at Selangor Medical Centre.Now i know why they say time sure does!I'm looking forward to share my life and love with muaz.A very happy,cheeky,playful and "manja mummy".Loves his sister so very much"manja kakak" and of course manja with ayah too..but call him"ayah's boy".
Muhammad Muaz,thank you for being a part of me.Mummy is blessed to have you and i'm looking forward to more of your laughs,cries and your cheekiness.May you grow up to be a responsible,handsome,intelligent,religious young man and may you have the best of both worlds darling.We love you!!

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