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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My princess turns 5

Alhamdulillah,thank you Allah SWT for blessing me and my husband with wonderful children.We had a small birthday celebration for my baby,princess Marissa on Sunday 21/2/10 at KFC KD Giant.She turned 5 on the 18Th Feb.We had a blast  and I felt so blessed surrounded by loved ones, family and close friends.Thank you all for making it a wonderful event.On behalf of Shahrom and myself,I'd like to thank all of you for coming..with all the beautiful gifts,thank you*hugs*Thank you KFC for organizing a great fun-filled party.If you guys want to make a birthday party for your cute KFC at 1 300 88 66 33.They're great.
Alhamdulillah again and take care.:)


eynda said...

Happy belated birthday to ur princess :-)

adriana az said...

thank you eynda ..:)hannah nye bila?

Gorgeous H said...

happy belated birthday marissa.. ;-)

comel tny sape nama anak kwn mami tu ms marissa lambai2 pada dia tadi. Nxt time bila jalan ke Bandar Nusaputra siap,u hantar terus ke rumah i ehh? extra charges pn takpe. Dapat minum kopi ;-)

adriana az said...

eeeiii..besh2..insyallah comel.nanti ada time aunty singgah ngan marissa n muaz kay.thank you.

Lybeau said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your Princess... xxoo

adriana az said...

thank you lybeau...:)

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