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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

bread butter pudding......oh no!!!!

Yessssss!!!!!This is the one that I've been digging in these past few days ...huaaaaaa!!!!I made bread butter pudding twice this week's not good for your weighing machine ya!!It was my first time baking it,I've never tried making them myself,but I looovveeee bread butter pudding,so..a friend gave me the recipe which I "professionally"altered it to my own version(actually very malas nak bukak balik mailbox),marissa n muaz..loved it!After finishing 2 casseroles this week...I went to JJ and bought this

It was only rm4.90 and yes,yours truly have been jumping like a mad cow for the past few days...hahahah...weight still the same but inches..losing babe!!wakakaka..gelak golek2x..makcik very happy!!
Lesson for what you like,sparingly and exercise...(pls ask for doctor's advice before you follow my advice ;)...)


fauzuskamaruddin said...

salam sis,

i like diong skipping tapi betul ke klu buat skipping byk kali bole turun kan peranakan?

Lynnda Hosni said...

babe...tenok hang punya breadbutter pudding... terliur jap... maklum la kat opis... tee hee.... skipping memang boleh turun inches... dolo masa mula exercise pon i skip... sampai ratus ratus.... good luck... xxoo

superheroes' mom said...

Oh my my my, delishhhhh! Gawd, ni kalu x diet ni mmg I suka belasah ni, siap mkn dgn custard sauce lagik!!!! oh tidak no no no

adriana az said...

salam fauzus...
alamak,akak ak sure bout tht dear,so..u better tany yr gynae bout this,so far..alhamdullillah...jgn lompat tinggi2x...ekekke
it tased goooddd bbuttt...i dont like the weighing machine anymore!!,how ah?skipping can cause prolapse or not?
kekkekee..thts THE reason why i skipped the sauce part,purposely you..kalo tak makcik dah
terbuntang depan hall..hahah

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