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Saturday, April 17, 2010

when ayah is not around......;)

When ayah@my dearest husband is not around,mummy will usually freak out her head..trying to figure out activities to do with her two active munchkins..I know I only have 2 right now,but.....very handful ya.I have to plan out what to do with them so that they don't get bored and their activities will actually benefit them,hands and eye coordination,and all that sort of thing la..
So... I decided to bake with them..yippie.We made plain cookies,(trial and error basis)I didn't make a lot of them so I made a very small batch of "doh".It turned out well and we had loads of fun..and mummy was very,very happy to see the excitement in their faces.Marissa even called me > u baby!Enjoy the pics people,we might have another baking session before ayah comes back from his trip :)..we miss u ayah!
p/s:marissa wants to bake these to sell them at our next bazaar event next weekend,whaddya think?


mJ said... mother like dotter n son ler...kecik2 dah pandai masak ekkk...bagus, later leh wat business cam mommy ekkk...cute la your kiddos :)

adriana az said...

hi mJ..thank you dear..dari tension diorang sebok nak buat,baik i let them participate and be positive about the mess...but okayla,they helped me to clean up..:)

screamingmommy said...

ur kids seem easy to handle, blh baking together tu kira ok sgtlah..mine blh meletup kitchen kalau my kids join;)

adriana az said...

hi SC...:)easy to handle ke?hahaha..i guess they were happy they each get their own doh to work with,kalau tak mesti gaduh jgk :)
thanks for dropping by :)

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