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Monday, June 1, 2009

mummy is pleased..:)

Salam's your weekends?Mine has never been better.It has been a hectic but a good week..a great one in fact.*alhamdulillah*Starting with marissa's improvement at her school,i'm soo pleased with her doing so well in school.Even Muaz is following his sister's footsteps.He actually stayed in class for one whole hour!!Yeay! Muaz!!We're all proud of you,that's my boy!I know i'm making a big deal out of this.It's because my kids has NEVER been away from read that right..N-e-v-e-r...because mummy loves to be with them All the time.hahahaha..mummy is obsessed..;)So,when my boy Muaz actually stayed in his sister's class,mingling with the rest of the students,for one whole hour...mummy is VERY proud of you.
I posted few weeks back about my concerns of marissa's learning progress,whether this is the right "base" for her and I have to say i'm very pleased with what i see.she's learning to read and recognize words and spellings.I continue teaching her how to red on my own.Usually i don't take more than half an hour.I try to teach her basic maths as far we're having fun..*alhamdulillah*
I thought of starting Muaz on his potty training.Maybe when we're both ready.Muaz is also showing a lot of interest in reading.I'm glad.He recognized pictures and now I'm starting to teach him both words and pictures.I dont teach my kids phonics...simple reason,i don't know how it works.During my time in the kindy,we didn't have this phonics programme.I'm not sure how it works but i think,I'll stay with my method and vital years method..:)
Today my mom and my sister came and we had lunch in town and went to alamanda for window shopping.The kids had so much fun with their su n grandma.thank you ma,thank you za.InsyaAllah,we'll pay you a visit when time permits.
Our new washing machine arrived the first time i'm using a top loading works well,that's what matters.Cant spend too much nowadays,have to "save for tomorrow"hehehe...but i love the machine and makes my life easier,alhamdulillah...thank you Yang .(we had to send the clothes to the laundry for the past 3 mths)
Hmmm...what else ya??Maybe i'm sleepy now...wayyy past my sleeping time...i'll update this blog again when i can make time.
signing out,mummycool.


miEz haNeM said...

hi there mummy cool:)

adriana az said...

hi miez hanem..salam.

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