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Monday, April 27, 2009

change is good

Salam everyone....:)

I've been wanting to pen down my view on this big word..CHANGE..but i'm afraid that i'll end up saying something that i myself do not practice.I've been to many places(alhamdulillah),seen many people,how they live,what they eat and many more how's.I've been blessed to see the other side of this beautiful world that i live in,been blessed to get the chances to visit other countries and been blessed to feel and experienced the four seasons..truly blessed,Alhamdulillah...I've seen the sunrise at the height of thousand heights above sea level,and the sunset too.At that moment,i felt it in my heart that The Almighty wanted me to see all His creations to make me realise that i'm blessed.(Alhamdulillah)

Why change?Why change?Have we asked there a need to change some part in our "perfect"life?or not perfect life?why is there a need to change?I'll try my best not to pick on anyone..i'll try my level best not to talk about my humble life..I'll try to say this in general,in my most humble opinion.

If we're not happy about how our lives are going,say your thanks to Him who have open your heart and eyes that you actually know that you need some changes in your life.

  1. are you happy with your job?

  2. are you happy with your spendings?

  3. are you always short of money every month?

  4. have you been to anywhere(holidays/getaways)for the past 1 year?

  5. do you have that special someone to share your happy and sad moments?

  6. do you still hold any grudges against anyone?

  7. do you still blame other people on the "mistakes"that you make?

  8. when is the last time you visit any mosques/surau/church/temple?

  9. when was the last time that you prayed?

  10. when was the last time you "mengaji "Al-Quran(for the muslims)

  11. when was the last time you say your thanks to your parents?

  12. when was the last time you held hands with your spouse?

  13. when was the last time you have a decent meal with your loved ones?

This list can go on forever..these lists comes to my mind as i'm typing.I never wrote down any list before.I asked myself some of these questions to myself..just to check on improve myself on all aspects of mylife.I personally think that if my life havent change for the past 1 year than i have to do some changes.If i feel that my bank accounts doesnt allow me to spend so much,i wont.If i feel that i've been spending too much on takeouts or unnecessary things,then i make changes.I'm a homemaker,with two toddlers.Yes i do have a side income but i like to do some reality check on myself sometimes.All in all i still think we have to go back to our basics(agama).I strongly believe that if we live according to our religion and faith,things will change for the better.I always like to remind myself that all this is just a "loan".You,me,my beloved husband,kids and other family members,beloved friends..loaned to us for a certain period of time..and we dont know when is our turn to "leave"this world.So,make the best of it.Change...i have to change..

I have a lot to change,i hope i'm strong enough to change it.I know that i can change for the better.If we shut our eyes,our ears and our hearts to change for the better...things will always be like this for will never change.If anyone of you out there have a perfect someone to change their life for a better to bring a smile or put a hope in their hearts that there is a better future for them.

I'm not sure that this post make any sense..i sure hope you guys understand what i'm trying to say...

1 comment:

Norli said...

I does make sense, Na...we all need changes in our life...really like this go gurl!!..we all need to have some self-check..

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