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Thursday, April 16, 2009


Salam to all....havent had anything to post lately.A lot of things on my mind and a lot of things to do.Marissa and muaz is down with flu but not severe,'alhamdulillah.Have to start on their cod liver oil routine again.Eversince i had muaz,i notice that i'm lacking on discipline..last time i make sure marissa's diet includes protein,cod liver oil,fruits and raisins(a must) everyday.Raisins and strawberries were her favourite.She was not alllowed to have cold drinks.I read to her everyday.Stayed in her toys room with her and she knows her ABC's when she was only turning to 3 years old.I was so proud of her.
But now,i'm like this lazy ass mom(excuse my language),demanding more time to myself,not reading enough with my kids and i dont like this "new" me.Muaz is showing a lot of interest in books and yes we never fail to go to MPH on every outing but i still think i'm not giving enough.I'm exhausted and i dont know why i kinda take things lightly..
actually i hate to admit this but i think i know the reasons behind it all.I have other things to do.I have other thing for me to do for it bad?no..i dont think so..i do need to do my own things..right mommies.A happy mommy makes a happy family.
I just have to be more late nites(as if!!)
less skyping with baby blu and less berangan..dalam otak ni how to make more money???
that is soooo bad!poor marissa n muaz..mommy not giving you the attention you soo deserve.I will change,i want to change and i want to change it for me n my beloved family.

adios people..gtg.

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