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Saturday, April 25, 2009

My sweet Marissa :)


Assalamualaikum everyone.I was sooo extremely tired that i couldnt move my limbs...but i experienced a new episode in my humble life..Marissa went for her first day of preschool!!yeay!!It's not like a normal preschool,i sent her to vital years.It was actually an asessment class for her,trial class.I wanted a trial class so that i know wat my daughter wants.If she's not happy there then i wont enrol her.Alhamdulillah she enjoyed her 1st session and she actually passed the 1st stage of assesment.Her teacher told me that she's very independent,friendly and she can recognise and memorise very fast.Alhamdulillah,syukur.I infact notice that after her first day at school,she actually become more polite and she follow instructions well...alhamdulillah.Not that marissa was very naughty but she can be very stubborn at times..but she's still my sweet,sweet baby.This is new to us both my husband and me,our precious lil princcess is already in schooll...:( sad,mixed feelings.I know i'm going to miss her,maybe i sound like a sick mom or something,everybody goes through this right but i like to make mine sound more dramatic..I KNOW i'm going to miss her.
Marissa,if you're reading this one day,mummy want you to know that ayah and I are very proud of you and we love you verry much..."bigger than the ocean,bigger than the universe"(my tagline when i hug her )I'm sure Muaz loves you and was proud of you too.He actually misses you when you were in school :)
okies for now.I have to get neighbours having a wedding..waiting for muaz to get up and get him ready.
take care y'all.

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