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Friday, June 12, 2009

My side income..:)

Salam everyone..the weather is really testing us all lately dont you think?Muaz and me are having runny nose n sore throat.I guess the haze is affecting us.No outing at the moment...with the H1N1 and all these viruses in the air,I try not to be in crowded area at the moment.Verrryyy scarreeyyy...There was once we were in the lift at the KLIA airport,a boy sneezed inside the cramp lift and i wanted to "kill"him!!!He didn't even cover his mouth..eewww!!sakit jiwa aku!! much as i dont want to go out,i still have to go to my"office" to submit my work.Hmm,i've never really told anyone here what i do at home besides lazing around with my family?I'm a certified unit trust consultant with Public Mutual.hehehe..What i do is encourage people to save their money with public mutul's fund.Its the best alternative to common savings account and its better.I'm doing this together with my beloved husband,my pillar of strength,my faithful supporter(thank u yang!!*love you*)We enjoy doing this together and we make a good team.So,if anyone of you wants to have a better return on your savings or you want to become a consultant like me,let me know.Only with the best company in Malaysia..woohooo.!!

I'm really enjoying what i do right now,i get to do it at my own time,no pressure from anyone and only I can push myself to go further.I dont have to leave my kids under other people's care,i can still take care of my kids,my house,still cook and clean the house and at the same time doing some side business to help my husband.*alhamdulillah*I'm so thankful and God really answered my prayers.*Alhamdulillah*InsyaAllah,who knows in the future i can own my own shop or cafe or a spa even...its always nice to dream but it doesn't have to be a dream..we can make it happen,don't you think?InsyaAllah..
My heroes..*hugs*

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