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Saturday, June 20, 2009


Salam everyone...:) How's things with you people lately?I've been busy with my kids,the usual stuffs.Been cooking off late,i mean really cooking..trying out new recipes.Not many but you know,sometimes you have this sudden urge in yourself to try doing something new?...and it was trying out new things for me.It may not be anything to some people but for someone like me,who hardly cooks...i can say i am proud of myself.
Last weekend we went to my "old"friend,ame@babyblue..hehehe,if you see my lists of followers,she's there.One of my oldest friend,our friendship went way back in 1995..(think so)hahaha..anyway..she went for a long holiday trip recently and i went to her house day after she arrived.This sweet friend got me a non-alcoholic perfume from Dubai.I asked her to buy one bottle for me,which she did(soo nice of her).The minute i smell the eyes closed and my vision and my memory went to the place where i missed most..Mekah/Mecca.I get very emotional whenever i talk about mecca..i really don't know why.I don't even have to talk about it,mentioning Mecca Itself already bring tears to my eyes.Ohh..i missed it soo much..The perfume reminded me of Mecca and brought back visions of Mecca,Kaabah,Masjid Nabawi in Madinah..Alhamdulillah.
I guess Ame saw the "look" on my face(that's what she said)and after left her house,she sent sms to my mobile saying that the perfume is a gift from her..May Allah bless you n your family,and may you be blessed with more wealth and happiness,aminn.*hugs*

Few days passed and my routine at home are mostly the same like other "normal" mommies,cooking,cleaning,feeding the kids.What made me proud this week is that i made "apam" for my kids..on my own..*yippiieee!!!*I never thought that it was that easy!Excuse me,but i've never learn how to bake or cook or make desserts.hehehe..

I was ssooooo glad it turn out great and my kids loved it so much.Unfortunately i only had red colouring at home.Wanted to make the apam colorful at first but it's ok..maybe next time.Muaz loves "apam" and he asked for this "apam" for breakfast,after lunch,tea time and for dinner..hehehe.

I've been cooking off late due to the weather..haha!!It's really not a good time to go out,the weather is verryy hot and there are deadly viruses that i feel safer to be at home.(yess,i can be very melodramatic and like to exaggerate ;) ) Plus my husbands likes my cooking and so does my kids(yeah right!)

So here's another dish that i made right out of my fridge.I can say i'm very good at "dumping"everything from the fridge to make a dish and tasty one i may add.hahaha...I like to call it "spaghetti ala mummycool"..yeahh!!It was for our dinner last wednesday.Yummmyyy...We finished it in less than 10 mins.haha.."ripley's believe it or not"

My next project is to make nestum n raisins cookies,chicken rice and...hmmmm...what else is good to eat?It depends on my mood really..we'll see ..chicken rice are the kids favourite and i've never tried cooking,when ame told me that she can make chicken rice it's like an inspiration..(honest).really..salute to anyone,mommies or daddies who cooks for their family.

Well,that's all for tonight.:) Wishing all of you a nice weekend...hehehe.


Amelia Khalik said...

Salam Na. I'm so happy that u really like the perfume. Honestly i really feel touched when i saw ur face that day! yes i know how u feel whenever u mentioned Kaabah n Mekkah.:)

Anyway..where's my apam??? kehkehkeh..terror nyer ko!! okay2 nanti kita xchange recipe aiigghtt..hahaha..but donno if u wud like my version of nasi ayam..hehehe.

adriana az said...

Me...alhamdulillah.thank you for being observant,which i sometimes not observant enuff..*sayang kat kau*
Your apam will be nxt on my list.aku nak experiment with more colours.My kek batik dah dpt "order" for if!!
I google nasi ayam resipi from i think.insyaAllah will try to make it on monday,belated fathers day celebration.(kalau rajin)

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