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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Krispy kreme,Big Apple,JCo Coffee n out!

Salam everyone...hahaha..i'm getting good at i made donuts for tea.It was a sucess!!Congratulations to mummy!!hehehe..This is my 2nd attemp in making donuts.The first attempt was a year ago and it wasn't good at all..well,this time i wanted to do it because i like donuts too and i like it the way my mama made for us when we were little..soft but crispy on the outside.It's not like the ones you find in the bakery,i don't know what they add in the ingredients,but they always smell of something..hmm..weird to me.

I was very happy with my donuts.They were how i'd like them to be,soft in the inside and crunchy on the outside.Unfortunately my dearest other half is not here.(working)maybe i can keep some for him.He's not into dessert anyway.My kids loved it.They got up from their afternoon nap and immediately went to the kitchen to have their homemade donuts...mummy is pleased again.*Alhamdulillah*
Well'll never know unless you try right?Although i dont cook everyday but i'm a firm believer that mommies cooking is the best in the world..insyaAllah.
(i need a massage..BADLY!!)


Mrs LVoe said...

wahhhhhhhhhhhh pandai yea buat donut. sila anto sket ke rumah sha ehehe

adriana az said...

kehkehkeh...sha,malu i.over kannn..baru belajar dah nak post kat sini..

Norli said...

hehehee..pandai kawan aku ni...bila nak ajak kitaorang makan testing..hahaha..

adriana az said...

hehehehe...pandai ke li??hahahah..klakasss..ala ko lagi pandai masak.nak ajak kome dtg makan pon kena mentally n physically maklumla..anak dua ni aku kena well prepared kalo nak ajak org makan..hihihi

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