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Sunday, June 7, 2009

another great week :)

Salam everyone....I hope everybody had a great week..i did.Last Monday,an old friend(knew her way back in 92')called me.I didn"t recognize the number on my hp coz i lost my mobile earlier this year.She called to offer me a 3 days 2 night stay at Ancasa Allsuites Resort n Spa in PD(port dickson).I was shocked at first..who wouldn't.I've never won any free holidays before so this is like a really nice surprise.I discussed with my husband and after declining,still she insisted on us taking the offer.She paid for the rooms inclusive of buffet breakfasts for 2.The room were meant for her bro in-law but they couldn't make it and since they don't want the rooms not occupied,after all they had paid,they wanted us to use the rooms...I'm thankful,alhamdulillah.For me,this is "rezeki" for my kids.We've been planning for their long overdue holiday,overseas...all were cancelled due to flt cancelled,H1N1...etc,etc..and suddenly this generous couple calling us and giving us this's like a very much needed getaway,all at the right time.*Alhamdulillah*So we went and had fun..lotsa fun,i'm happy for my kids had a nice time.I ant thank you enough to this humble ,generous couple.May Allah bless you more with rezeki and happiness,amin.
My son had slight temperature this morning and we took him to the local clinic.Gave him his medication and i hope he'll be okay tomorrow morning.My sister came to visit us again today with my mom,they stayed for a few hours but couldn't take them out for dinner because Muaz wasn't felling well :( Maybe next time ok ma,za.)
i have to cut this post short as i'm getting sleepier now.All i can say is things have been good for us..Alhamdulillah..i'm so thankful..really i am.I hope is going well for all of you reading my blog right now.Take care people..


adriana az said...

i wanted to say"i hope things are going well for all of you)hehehe..

miEz haNeM said...

suda follow kamu..cute gile mummy cool nie:)

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