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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

mummy not cool..

Salam everyone..I'm visiting my dad this week.My dearest other half has long off days and we decided this is the best time to take the kids to see their "aki".Unfortunately my other half wasn't feeling well and I had to drive the whole way with Muaz on my lap ,feeding...shhhh..dont tell JPJ or the police...emergency.Not the whole way,maybe half of the way..:)..whateverrr..

The children are enjoying their time here,visiting their cousins...we seldom see them due to time constrains and we live so far from each other...??excuses3x..have to put extra effort in that department.

Still waiting for the news if MJ is being buried as a muslim or something else.Whichever it is,may he rest in peace.When your time is up,there's no running away from "it"..Take each day as a matter what comes to you embrace it and say your thanks for only Allah knows what's best for you...
My family,my kids and my other half means the most to me.Sometimes..most of the time as a WAHM..I tend to be more stressful towards the end of a day.I get very frustrated easily when my kids make a mess or fight with each other.I guess most of the time people will say its normal....Its very tiring but hey...everything comes in a package.They are kids and time soon flies soo fast that they'll be in their teens,then married and there you'll be alone in your house..
I always remind myself not to say hurtful words or remarks towards my children.I read somewhere the other day that when your child is hurt by your remarks,they will remember it forever..nauzubillah.I don't want that to happen.I try not to compare them as siblings because every child is different,special,their needs are different and they handle things in their own way.I try to remind myself that be it my first or second child,they are both equally important and they both need my attention and TLC.I know some parents like to say that the 2nd child is more aggressive,naughtier than the rest..but i don't want to categorize my kids..only for one reason.."kata2 ibu itu satu doa"..If i become like the rest and start saying this and that,it will become true..I belief that if I say good things about my kids,eventually they will become like what i want them to be.insyaAllah..I always remind myself not o say NO 1 is better than No2..coz its not written in the Quran that the 2nd child is the worst of all siblings...I read somewhere about "the 2nd child syndrome" me,i feel sorry for those people who fear their experience with their 2nd child..for they do know wrong but we parents tend to listen to all negative remarks and negative experience,we tend to be "extra"careful with our 2nd child and we tend to criticize them more...:(
Please read this post as only a personal comment from me.Its got nothing to do with anyone dead or alive..hehehe..its through my readings and my journey.I've seen and met many parents that say the same thing..I quote"biasala,anak no2 memang jahat,anak no 2 memang garang,anak no2 memang suka kacau kacau adik n abg dia"..I felt sad..not because of the fact that i'm the second of my siblings,but also for the fact that these parents doesn't see more to that in their second child.If the 2nd child is such a burden to every human kind,don't have a 2nd child...when you are pregnant with your second child..abort them and wait for the 3rd child to come..
I'm not "cool"about this.I wish that all parents will stop saying all this "doa"that their 2nd child are the worse to handle.Don't blame the kids for everything.They are all Allah's creations,they are guarded by the angels.Love them equally,treat them equally and when you scold them or trying to teach them,try not to belittle any child.Try not to compare them..remember,even identical twins don't have the same thumbprints,what more of different children..Subhanallah..We are all different,*alhamdulillah*..appreciate each other differently,insyaAllah.
My "doa" is that I will be a good mom,someone that my kids will look for when they need advice or a lovable hug,someone they will miss when i'm not by their side and someone that they will remember fondly..
(Princess and Abang..mummy loves you so very much.respect each other and love each other and always look out for each other...)
signing out..mummy.

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