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Sunday, July 12, 2009

alif's b'day party..and a wonderful saturday..

Today's birthday party has to be one of the best that i've far..hehehe..laughters and "kutuk"session with 3 other good friends..i had so much fun.I'm very sleepy right now so i'll update tomorrow,insyaAllah.My personal thanks to Mr.Wan best friend Ame a.k.a Baby Blu,the latest hottest newscaster in town Pn.Myhan Rossihan and last but not least,the soft spoken but mind you can be laser jugak yee...Pn.Maznah Mokhtar..I had a great time and hoping that you dudettes did too...thanks ame for organizing a great birthday party.looking forward to your birthday party in november...make up session by the macho daddies..hahaha..
nite everyone or rather..morning..

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