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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

i'm exhausted...mentally..

Salam everyone....Hoping that your weekend was as you wished..hopefully you and your loved ones are in excellent health and happy.I'm *Alhamdulillah*well and happy but a Lil bit tired mentally.Physically I'm OK but my left thumb is in pain..i don't know why but i want to go to the doc tomorrow or sometime this weekend..maybe X-ray will tell me what's wrong with the thumb..poor thumb.Can't do my housework's really painful..

Last week I was busy with my work and the housework of course..I don't mind the housework's and I love taking care of my kids on my own ;p...although they do drive me up the wall most of the times but wouldn't trade it for anything else.Went to MV to see a friend,had a basic facial(almost a facial)at HABA Midvalley...fallen in love with the products.Bought some basic stuff for my face*hehehe*...

Thursday,we went back to MIL's place for a kenduri on saturday...penat,penat,penat..Went home on sunday after a week full of events..we went out almost everyday last week and I think i really have to have vitamins stock up in my house.

What really bothers me last week is the attitude of some parents.Everybody loves their children,so do I.I don't really know how to put these in words cause I'll get emo about this and I don't want to end up cursing people on this blog.

I cant stand parents who are ignorant,in denial of their child's behaviour,capability and cant stand parents who cant take responsibility of their children's behaviour.Nauzubillah,I'll end up like on of them.What happen was my kids were slapped and kicked by a barbaric kid,3yrs old and their parents closed both eyes..*Alhamdulillah* my kids were unhurt but i was pissed to the max!!I really don't want to prolong this matter here...i just want to say to those ignorant parents,if you think your kids have the ability to hurt other kids intentionally,please, alert at all times of their behaviour.Don't live in denial saying that your child is an angel while some other kids are hurting at the other end.

I've never done any research on why the children's behave like this,maybe their parents are too busy to look after them themselves,maybe because they get their way all the time..i really don't know but please...don't be like this.Be a responsible parent.Don't be scared or ashamed of your kids poor behaviour,be fair to the other kid and their parents..oh may Allah always bless me in raising my kids myself and may Allah bless me always with being patient,alert and a good mommy,amin.

I felt sorry for my kids for they are still small,Marissa is 4 and Muaz is 2.Once someone told me to let go of my child slowly,so that they can defend themselves on their own......I beg to differ..there are time for everything and the time will come when I'll let go of my children.They are still small and if they get hurt because some parents "let go" their children too early,and hurting my kids physically..I think it's my responsibility to defend my kids and take care of their well being.Once again,everyone is entitled to their own opinion and i thank you for the suggestions.I don't care if people label me as mother hen or nosey mom,uncool mommy...whateverrr...I love my kids and i love raising them and I'm blessed to have them with me.There are time for everything and now is my time to protect them from unwanted things and mishaps..insyaAllah I'm trying my best....
Sorry guys for being very emo about this.I feel strongly about this is because the time has changed and we parents have to take more responsibilities in bringing up our kids on our own and not leaving everything to the maid or carer..The world now are so advanced and our kids are exposed to everything...and i do mean everything.So, with your kids,nurture them with good manners,listen to their body and see them with your heart...don't live in denial and blaming other parents for not being there with their children when their kid were being responsible.
*Marissa n Muaz:when other kid try to hurt "give"it back to them..*love you darlings...


miEz haNeM said...

hi mummycool:)
apa cerita??

adriana az said...

salam hanem...:)
itulah ceritanya..anak akak kena sepak n kena tendang on her tummy,i ws in the kitchen tlg my MIL buat keje,adala anak org ni buat camtu n the parents n fammily buat donno je..geramm sampai hari ni akak nyesal tak lempang budak tu balik...hah!geram la tu..

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