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Friday, July 17, 2009

Salam everyone...:)
I'm in my MIL's place.came here yesterday.they're having a kenduri cukur jambul for my husbands newborn niece.I'm anticipating a busy weekend.Hopefully yours are not busy as mine.
Yeterday, Muaz slipped and fell.I was in the room n my hubby was in the kitchen fixing Muaz a drink.My heart stopped at the sound of the loud "thump".Muaz was crying and crying.I checked his head,there was a small cut and it was swelling.I didn't panicked but was feeling very scared for him.I quickly asked my hubby to get gamat and dab it on the cut and we quickly took him to Tawakkal hospital.
Alhamdulillah,no jabs or stitches needed.the doctor said it was a small abrasion but to monitor him carefully for 24 hrs or so.We don't any concussion to happen in this 24 hrs.I was so worried i stayed by his side the whole time.Muaz was okay,he was being his usual self,jovial and cheeky.Sang baa black sheep,bob the builders song...:)Alhamdulillah.
Marissa was so worried for her brother..(love u darling)Please pray for Muaz's recovery and so that the fall didn't affect him internally,nauzubillah.
take care guys.have a nice weekend with your loved ones.

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