me and my soulmates

Sunday, July 26, 2009

cooldown mummy ;)

After some soul searching,late night talks,"muhasabah diri"..i know i need to chill a little in some areas of my life.To become a better person,a better mom,wife,daughter,friend...Being paranpoid about almost everything is verrryyy tiring.hehehehe...with dua's from you n my loved ones,I may become that person that I want to..thank you.


Amelia Khalik said...

InsyAllah..usaha itu tangga kejayaan..*mcm zaman sekolah lak*..hehehe. U can do it na..believe in ur self!!

adriana az said...

kekekeke...yess..a lot of sacrifice and pushing aside some ego's(if i hv any)to be done.i just want my kids to heve the best..but keep reminding myself,they are simple kids..i'm the one yg "over"kdg2..hehehe..

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