me and my soulmates

Sunday, October 4, 2009

dearest ayah....with love..

 "as we promised you ayah...we slept shortly after you left...:)mummy having a little bit of headache due to the humid weather..we love you and we promise we will take care of each other,we won't fight ;)..we will drink our milk and we will follow what mummy says...ayah take care okay...don't you worry bout us,insyaAllah..we'll be okay.we love you!!!"-marissa and muaz.


superheroes' mom said...

yeap, i find the 2nd child analogy quite confusing coz heyyy I'm no 2 and mom told me that I lah yg paling TAK degil ;)

adriana az said...

hi izwa...btol ke i panggil nama you tu?hehehe..but true tau,i get so tensed listening to these bias remarks.I believe as muslims and as mommies,we say out yg terbaik utk anak2 coz kata2 ibu satu doa,wallahualam.

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