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Sunday, October 11, 2009

have I changed that much?

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salam.....have you changed?say...the last 10 years of your life...have you changed in any aspects of your life?I can't say that I have change(others can tell)..I'd love to change...for the better,a better person,wife,mummy,daughter,sister,friend....and most importantly a better muslim.I got married 7 years ago and my eldest is now, priorities in life have changed.

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I'm not gonna elaborate on which part of my life that I felt have changed...Those closest to me can point out right away these changes and I believe they are positive changes..insyaAllah.
I'm also a firm believer that at one point in our life,we have to accomodate our lifestyle,our loved ones and our priorities.

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Time flies very fast,if we're not aware of it,it will just pass by us like the wind,unnoticed.I'm happy with what I have now,alhamdulillah.Yes...I'm only human.....sometimes I do wish I can have more in certain things but I have my family and my friends to remind me to be thankful...always.


Abrahyn said...

Yup! we have to be thankful for the blessing...semoga hari ini adalah lebih baik dari semalam.

adriana az said...

insyaAllah abrahyn..always have to remind myself :)

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