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Thursday, October 22, 2009

lazy + stress+mix up+mess up mind and feelings mode..

Salam people.....Alhamdulillah...Although my mind is clouded by so many inputs,good and back for the past one week,I'm still here,still breathing,still able to kiss my kids and my husband,of course..still able to hear them playing+fighting with each other..Alhamdulillah.
I dunno what to blog about.I had lunch at a garden cafe called Aunty Aini's..(google it)with old friends,we used to work at the same place.Catch up on things..and few topics were raised,botox,implant,halal,haram...:)
What do you think?It's very simple to me..whatever is stated in the Holy Quran,I will follow,insyaAllah.It says haram,so haram it is.It says wear your hijab properly(cover your chest)then that's the way you wear it..InsyaAllah.It says,follow your husbands wishes as long as he doesn't ask you to do bad things then do it,InsyaAllah.What if you're not covered but your hubby wishes you to?Would you ask him to wait?This can be a very sensitive issue,no offense to anyone ya..
I met two other old colleagues at Starbucks,Gardens MV..we talked about the same thing.I can only doa that she will wear her hijab soon,such a wonderful person.
I also was tested by Allah swt...made me zombie for days(till now)but still trying to make myself strong and praying that ada hikmahnye disebalik semua ini.Kept telling myself,Allah takkan aniaya kita,kita yg aniaya diri sendiri and disebalik setiap ujian,yakinlah ada hikmahNya..wallahualam.
I'm telling myself,rezeki Allah yg bagi,InsyaAllah.


eynda said...

Alhamdulillah...setiap hari kita kena berjanji utk menjadi insan yg terbaik walaupun kita tahu manusia takde yg sempurna kan :-)

adriana az said...

salam eynda..kdg2 bila diuji baru teringat,mmg btol manusia ni dicipta berlainan.tak dpt menduga hati seseorang tu ikhlas atau tidak.kita cuma mampu,berdoa n muhasabah diri selalu kan.
(suka tgk eynda workout..jeles ni.ana kalau exercise budak2 ni jeles,tak bagi kita gerak)

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