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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

nasib anak...

assalamualaikum...hopefully everyone is healthy and happy.....
it's about nasib anak no2 lagi...those who believes the western pyschology or westerns thinking would agree with this"2nd child syndrome"..I..honestly dah penat sangat dengar pasal orang cakap:
"awak tau la kan anak no2 camna???!!!"
"yeah...she's the 2nd in the family..tu yg degil semacam"
"anak no2 kan garang...suka tiru kakak dia!!!sebok je!!"
and so on,and on and know...they can go on forever on this topic...on how they despise these 2nd child,they prefer the first child who are ALWAYS(in their opinion)deserve everything more than the rest of the siblings because they are the 1st...and they can go on how the last child of the family are actually an angel....
I feel sorry for the children...all of matter whether they're the 1st or 2nd or 3rd or 4th or...byk lagi ke..they were "trained"to despise their siblings even when they themselves are KIDS.They are "trained"to differentiate themselves from the rest of the siblings because mummy and nenek and atok says so.They are"trained"to tell their siblings that "i'm better and i deserve more things because i'm the 1st child"...
I feel sorry for them.
I have 2 kids the moment.My eldest is a girl,alhamdulillah.Her name is Marissa.
My second child is a boy,alhamdulillah.His name is Muhammad Muaz.
They are different in gender,qualities,habits,heights,weights,achievements...and so on..
but I love them both so very much EQUALLY.InsyaAllah..never once I told them that Marissa can have more coz she's the first..or muaz have more coz he's a boy..(i've heard someone told me that marissa can have more..she's the 1st child)
When I conceived them both...I was thankful to Allah swt for these amazing blessings that he gave us,me n my husband.These two "amanah"from Allah swt..are equally important,equally loved(insyaAllah)...I dont want to betray the trust that Allah have given me,nauzubillah.
I found this new blog when i googled:"is there such thing as 2nd child syndrome in Islam?"and i found this
So...dear them equally..thats your promise to Allah swt..when you wanted them.


miEz haNeM said...

salam kak:)

ape kabo kak??
uits..meriah dah blog lip lap2..:)

take care:)

adriana az said...

salam miez...:)
akak sihat alhamdulillah.kekeke..tang mana liplap2 tu?mies pon take care tau.kawin nanti jemput..;)

Gorgeous H said...

i anak ke-2.. mmg garang,mmg degil sket mmg out spoken dari yg lain but org selalu ckp anak no-2 selalunya lebih menarik & cantik dari adik beradik yang lain.. i tak pernah bezakan antara Ariq & Comel...dua2 i sayang sama rata kerana i perlu menunggu selama 9 tahun untuk mendapat zuriat yang pertama & alhamdulillah setahun selepas itu lahir zuriat ke-2..

semoga kita akan menjadi ibu & bapa yang berjaya mendidik anak2 kita..

marissa & muaz - dua2 nama yang cantik secantik & secomel orangnya..

adriana az said...

salam GH..thanks for sharing dear.maybe some of the traits adalah secara kebetulan but i think is because how we were raised jgk..usually no2 ni lebih independent,so the "qualities"yg u sebut tu comes naturally.kekeke..cuma mmg i "berdesing"telinga bila tgk anak2 yg masih kecil,mak diorang and usually nenek diorang ckp mcm2 pasal dia..jst because dia unfair to the child :(

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