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Saturday, January 9, 2010


the host and hostess

chicken dance

marissa and birthday girl allysha

chicken dance again


making cheeky faces again :)

birthday girl,allysha is 2!!

Salam everyone....I've been busy hehehe..wih my kids,my chores,all the same stuff and now my baking thingy.I enjoyed making them but I can't say its not tiring.We went to Allysha's birthday party today.Had a lot of fun catching up with acik nah and Ame of course...but somehow with kids and all,I felt like the time was too short hahaha..mummy wated more "lepak"time.
Anyways,still it was nice to meet up with friends.Ame ordered cupcakes for her abah and I was honoured to do it for her,yeah...her mum being the "tokay kueh"...I was nervous hokay!!It was like going for an exam or something.I hoped I passed the benchmarks and hoped they liked the cuppies.Checkout
Thank you my dearest friend Ame for your trust and support,I know that you could afford more than what you ordered from me,and I know you ordered because you wanted to gave me yr support and I thank you from the bottom of my humble heart.*hugs kuat2!*
I need to get a full body massage heheheh..tomorrow at 8am..hehehe..nite.


maznah said...

Ye la Ana, nanti kita bergader2 lagi ye, sambil makan cupcake.... Tadi rasa sekejap sangat pulak kan.

adriana az said...

kan acik nah,rasa kejap sgt,tiba2 eh sume nak balik..insyaallah..nanti kita gi minum kopi lak,bwk budak2 main kat playland ke..kekekek.

Lybeau said...

bestnya... nak join bole... xxoo

adriana az said...

linda..can2x..anytime..come down here.we have some jamming session..hehehe.

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