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Saturday, January 16, 2010


Assalamualaikummm...yeah!mummy's back!!kekekekek..(saja gempak,did it work??)I've been really,really..tired,exhausted mentally and physically.Other than my normal routine as a mom,wife,a consultant(like this word),running in and out of the house is what I "like"best..huhuhuhu...I know, complaints.Time management my best friend would say..and that's what it is.It's all about time management.I think we "busy"people also should make time for ourselves,and I'm not talking about pampering yourself in a spa,or having someone over to massage you(hehehe..did that last week) telling you that have a time on your own to have a self such thing ke?Working is part of life but don't make it your life.Stop and really stop and have a moment just for yourself.Take a deep breath,close your eyes and smile will actually take that stress feeling away.It worked for me.Sometimes when I'm too tired and I know I'll get agitated,apart from picking up the phone and spill the beans to my good friend..hhehehe..I'll go to my bathroom,shut the door,look in the mirror and smile.It really make a difference...try,cuba,test :)..
Oh yeah..zikir,...I'm not pious but zikir works for me too.
So..peace to smart,don't forget to hug your loved ones everyday.Hug them,they need it and so do you :)

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