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Saturday, January 30, 2010

me like the bizinessss...:)

Assalamualaikummmmm....dear2 everybody..finally I have the time to sit down and post a new entry..Been busy and loving it,Alhamdulillah.still can't make this entry as detail as I want to,I'm going to Melaka for the weekend...catching up with old friends and my husband's family are meeting us there..
I met the very sweet ABRAHYN today..homaaaiiigooootttt...she was this...sweet LITTLE creature..very relax(yessss...i read body language kihkihkih)humble AND.....she wore PINK!!!!hehehehe..head to toe...homakhai..cute la pulak kan..huhuhu..I cant wear Pink like she did..sumpah tk cantik..kekeke.
I will update about my lasagna delivery in so,do join me there.:)
So..till next update..I shall leave y'all to a nice long safely,don't forget to lock yr cars as soon as you get into it..there are many "saiko's" out there..and be healthy..:)


Naddy said...

have a great weekend :)

adriana az said...

thank you naddy dear :)..been busy,a nice short break wud be good for hv a great weekend yrself :)

ABH said...

hoooomaiiiigooootttt....mana de i very relax maaaa...tak perasan ke 2x kunci keta i terjatoh! adoooiiii...giler gabra! hahahaha
pink? why la...anybody can wear pink do uuuu..nak buat camne, i got no other color coz 90% in my wardrobe = pink!

btw, pleasure to meet u :)

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