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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

problems VS blessings

Salam everyone...kekekeke..problems vs blessings...masalah vs Rahmat...everybody or most of us wakes up in the morning on the wrong side of the bed,not all..not all the time,maybe most of the time..mesti ada problems..but it's OK..makes our life more colourful and more juicy heheheh..
I was told about this problems vs blessings by somebody and I was really touched.Sometimes we're so ignorant towards the blessings that we have everyday that we took for granted it will be there,the story goes like this

ms x:i have a big problem..masalah besar sgt..(sobbing)
Mr z:apa masalah you?tell me..I'm sure its not that big
ms x:how can u say that..its big and I'm mad +sad
Mr z:OK...lets try tell me yr problem and i tell you its not that big and yr rahmat is bigger
Mr z:1st open up yr eyes in the morning,Alhamdulillah,you're still able to see
2nd're breathing
3rd can still think
do you want me to go on with the blessings that you have?how many problems do u have??
ms x:*sobbing*
Mr z:sometimes,when you wake up from sleep..instead of being thankful,you choose to think of the problems first...
what if when you wake up one day..and you can't see?that my dear is what i would call a BIG problem.

Well...I guess Mr z was right and quite blunt :) but he was right(in my opinion)..We're only humans and it's good that once in a while we better ourselves by "muhasabah" diri.

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