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Monday, January 4, 2010

A good start :)

Salam....I hope its not too late for me to wish Happy New Year to all out there.I've been busy and I had no extra time to post new entries but I had some time to spare reading some of the blogs.
We took marissa n muaz to bagan lalang and port dickson the day after for a short swimming session.Had so much fun with them and you know what sea breeze can do to you right,you get so tired afterwards and thats one of the reason why I was too lazy to blog.I wanted to share my thoughts bout so many things that I saw during our short rip to PD but I guess I'll do it some other day.I'm just too tired to talk about civic awareness in this country,public toilets,littering...endless list of negative remarks will come out from me and I don't want to spoil anybody's mood.Yeah not to forget...cruelty to animals..yechhhh!!!I don't like it when I find myself going deep into this issues as I feel that whatever my opinion about all these matters are going down the drain and wasted.I deeply regret that no matter how modern our country will be,no matter how much we spend in building better infrastuctures,its the mentality and attitude of oneself to make it worthy.oh..oh...ana is in a serious tone and mood now...nope, don't want to stress myself about these things anymore..not good for me n my family :)
Yeah,that was the 2009 and now Jan4th..I had 3 orders of lasagna and 40 cupcakes delivered yesterday to Pn.Linda R(cupcakes)Pn.Liza(2 lasagna)and my own biras in sbg..hahaha.Thank you ladies for having trust in me and supporting my new found interest and business :)
Marissa said..."mom,you made the best lasagna and cupcakes in the whole're the best COOKER!!!"..hahahaha..oh baby,baby(thts what i call her)...mummy will be honoured to be yr "cooker" anytime.hahhaha..Its a wonderful feeling to be praised by yr own kids albeit the fact that I'm not the best cook but as long as I'm their best cook,I'm happy :)
So,I started with a good response from my biras and friends,visited my mom in USJ and my baby sis and my mom said it was really good(sapa lagi nak pujikan)...but Its true,they hardly praise anyone,Alhamdulillah,Alhamdulillah,Alhamdulillah..yg baik dari Allah swt and kekurangan is from me.
So,I hope whoever reading this will give me your best doa that I will succed in this biz and insyaallah with your doa and good wishes I'll be one of the good "player"in this field :).

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