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Thursday, January 21, 2010

minyak urut....urut apa??:)

salammmmm...yezzzaaa..the entry for today is I'm going to pretend to be a makcik urut..urut apa??jeng,jeng,jeng....urut badan and yg sewaktu dengannye.hehehehe
No...I want to share with you people out there(i kan suka share2 ni) what I found,my mom's family found this minyak many2 years ago....more than 30yrs ago la gamaknye.
So,recently my mom bought the whole pack of this ointment and I tried it today and it worked fast and healed muaz's cut on the forehead..boys will be boys...that's a whole different,i'm gonna upload the pic here and if anyone of you wanna try this ointment,u can ask for MINYAK HAJI MOHD.TERMIZI BIN AL-HAJI IBRAHIM.


Amelia Khalik said...

Na...nak beli kat mana??? Bibik aku lenguh2 kaki..kesian dia..

adriana az said...

hi me,bibik lenguh>sian dia,my mom got it in keramat.let me chk with her if i can get some more.will text u.

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