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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Life as a homemaker@housewife...;)

Assalamualaikum...Ola people!!!

Today's entry is about me and me only..not about other homemakers or queen of the house ya...;)
I used to work for 11 years,resigned.Worked for a month with a multinational company,resigned..and have been staying home ever since.Since I left the "working"world,I've seen and heard many comments about "housewives,orang rumah,homemakers..and whatever that this so called "working"people called them(including me la..)Most of the time the remarks will be
"eh,you dah tak kerja?best la dokrumah,goyang kaki,main2 ngan anak je kan"
"ohhh..surirumah,bestla..takde dateline,takde meeting"
"eeeiii..bestnye jadi housewife ye..relax kan"
Some are plain dumb comments to me,some are cynical,some are just being bitchy...some are????IGNORANT???
I saw this in my friends ,friend FB status:as I'm not a normal housewife,i don't have the time to buat update blog".....
hmmmm...maybe she should resign and go learn how to manage her time well.
In life ...we're given/blessed with 24hrs,manage it !!...
Life of a stay at home mom:
  • starts at 6am..mandi,solat..boil water for my coffee
  • hidai baju..if raining,figure out how to make em dry and not smelly..meaning all over the house/guest room
  • I'm not gonna break into details what i do at home..just so you who have maid knows,EVERYTHING that your maid does..i do it,vacuum,sapu rumah,doing dishes,hidai baju,lap itu ini,clean the bathroom,....i don't wash the cars or do the gardening coz i don't have a garden...hahahha..
  • my kids learn to read and write from me ..alhamdulillah,even muqaddam.alhamdulillah..
  • i cook almost everyday...almost.
  • i sleep late coz that's the only "ME TIME" that i have.
  • I NEVER..go out WITHOUT my kids..not anybody's problem,not mine either..sometimes leceh but I wont leave them with other people except my husband.
  • Who ever said housewife don't have datelines or meeting??preparing my kids meal,their bathtime,tea time,nap time,reading time,playing time, time..everything that involves a toddler and a 5 year old...i call it dateline..constantly on the my feet..have to be faster than them...
  • sometimes i don't even know what to cook...:/
I'm not a perfect housewife..not a perfect mommy..Don't even wish I'm perfect but I do wish and doa everyday that what I do will benefit my kids and my family.They're the most important people in my life..I'm blessed to have them with me...
Oh ya,no to forget,I'm a unit trust consultant and I bake :) whoever says being a housewife is easy...ask them to resign and try doing it first....;)
(another thing...please don't forget the endless siblings fights,messing up the toys room,their sakit demam,endless questions why,what,when...from my kids...tiring but satisfying)


noorul said...

jadi housewif memang memenatkan tapi puas hati sebab dapat tengok anak2 membesar di depan mata.Saya kalau diberi peluang memang nak jadi housewife tapi masa belum mengizinkan.. :)

just my 2 cents..

adriana az said...

thanks noorul,memang ffeennnattt...hahaha,but insyaAllah,segala jalan yg dipilih,bekeja atau tidak,nawaitu nye kena betol,semoga mendapat rahmmat dan hidayahNya. :)

superheroes' mom said...

i love my life! i love being a homemaker! and i am proud of it! and i'm just as self-actualized as any other career mommas out there! this is my life, and i embrace it! bravo to all other stay-at-home moms out there!!!

adriana az said...

yeayyyy!!to you,me n all the stay at home mommy's..;))

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Adriana, wayyyyy to go! Now can relax, gonchang kaki, ha ha.
I too gave up my job when I achieved my dreams of reaching for the stars.
But had to pay a heavy price.

Had to neglect my wife for 12 years.....
so then decided my wife more important, as she had stood by me all the way.
And thus we started a new life here, so as not to be tempted to go back to that life.

Today I fool around with my Apple....relax.
You have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

adriana az said...

hi uncle lee ;)
you always know how to make me smile,it's an honour to have your comments in my lintang pukan blog :)
i guess in life there ARE choices ya,you'll just have to make the right choice when you at the crossroad and work hard to make sure it was the right choice.I choose to stay home with my kids and i'm glad i made that choice :)
best regards to Mrs.Lee..:)

abrahyn said...

i wish i could be like you...i dah boring kerja :(

adriana az said...

hi abrahyn dear :)
takpe la,apa2 pon choice yg diambil needs sacrifices..everybody have different needs and wants,make the choice that suits you is too short to be forced to do something you don't like :)
just my 2cts ;)

screamingmommy said...

Hi adriana, I just found ur blog..and this entry of urs really interesting to see the insight of SAHM. I was once planning to be SAHM, somehow after a month at home I decided to go back to corp world as I feel being SAHM is very challenging..more challenging than being someone's "kuli" at work..KUDOS to u for being able to make it as I can say..u'r doing perfectly well as SAHM:) and glad to stumble upon ur blog..keep updating

adriana az said...

salam screaming mommy:).thanks for dropping by dear..hahaha..this entry is just my way of telling "some"people that we moms have things to do at home hahaha...coz i keep on getting remarks as tho i lepak all the time,but thanks for understanding,cheers to you :)

eynda said...

Sangat setuju dgn entry ini...terasa macam eynda yg menulis :-D

adriana az said...

hi eynda:) ke awak rasa mcm tu?penat kan eynda,tapi takpe la kan,kita suka,penat pon takpe :)

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