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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

stress no more.....:)

Salam people..
A short entry on what I take for helping me go through a hectic day.I can't elaborate on what  vitamins or supplement to take for your body..every body works /react differently on supplements,so..ask your doctor for advice before splurging on supplements that you don't even know whether your body needs them or not.
As for me this B-50 works for me,it helps me to go through my everyday life,hectic jgk,no maid,2 toddlers,update clients and deliver orders..:)I get them from,if you guys wanna try,head to the nearest Cosway outlet :)..cheers.
*please check with your doctor first before buying the product,if you are allergic to any supplements*


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Adriana, Why not, if you have not already done so....drink Chinese Green Tea? If not done so, try it, 5 cups a day will help as well improve health too.

Incidentally, a smile for you re 'stress'....
Stress is when wife is pregnant.
Tension is when girlfriend is pregnant.
And panic is when both are pregnant.
Have a nice day and keep a song in your heart. Best regards, Lee.

Lybeau said...

yeah I understand the hectic schedule... we are in the same boat!!... take care...xxoo

adriana az said...

hi uncle lee :)..chinese green tea yes?i've tried japanese tea..but i'm such a nescafe junkie,i keep taking nescafe instead of the good japanese green tea.tried chinese tea as well but that caaffeine thingy keep coming back..:P
maybe i shud be more responsible towards my health yeah??will try it again..thanks for the advice.

hey lybeau,same boat yeah??but not too bad la kan..manageable.sometimes je stress..put a smile on the face and everything will be fine.cheers.

mariam said...

hi mummycool :) thanks for your sweet comments. and to answer your question/statement of course you can do it. have a great day ya

adriana az said...

thank you mariam..cheers:)

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