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Monday, March 15, 2010

stop whining and change...for your future's sake!!!

Assalamualaikum everyone...Ola people!!Hope everybody had a good weekend.It's school hols and maybe some of you are out there with your kids and loved ones,maybe some are at home with your kids,watching TV and enjoying each others company :))
I hope this entry will be short and sweet and will benefit some of us including me.:)I have some friends,acquaintance,people from all walks of life saying that they're tired of doing what they're doing and yet not enough money every month...I maybe the wrong person they talked to as I'm my own boss(my choice..and I don't complain)...hmmm..let's see if I can be some help to those in this category....I will always say,whatever your condition is, save some money first,before you spend it on other things.
  • every month,pay yourself first.put in an account where you know you don't have easy access to it>this is to ensure when you fall sick (nauzubillah),you wont have to call a friend to ask for medical money.
  • B.Y.O.F>bring your own food!!!!people2...come on..don't be such a lazy bum to make your own sandwich to those who likes it hot and spicy,make sambal tumis during the weekend,and there you have sambal tumis sandwich to bring to work,and sambal tumis is great as they can be reheat many can bring to work maybe 2 or 3 times??
  • B.Y.O.D>bring your own drinks!!!so what if people call you cheapskates??so what??they're NOT gonna be there to pay for your hutang and medical bills when you so need the money right?bring water or coffee in your flask.bring creamer in sachets if you like 'em white :)
  • how to have home cooked food when you're tired?easy..cook only once a week,in big portions,freeze them and when u come home,thaw and reheat them>don't tell me you want steak every night right?eat healthy food and not rice every night will do a LOT of GOOD to your body :)
This list are purely from my obeservation and own experience.Though I've never worked in an office before(does one month in the office counts?)..I fine this method works for me.I see so many people complaining of not having enough time to cook,always eating out and before end of the month(usually 2 weeks before)the money's all gone....:(
CHANGE!!!You have to change to be able to have a different life.Money doesn't drop from the those homemakers,where their husbands are the sole breadwinner,there must be something that you can do to help the economy of your family.Stop whining and complaining or blaming other people even...
It's easy to blame other people for everything..but let's not do that.Be in charge of your life,be a responsible person,if not for other people,for yourself.Life may not be the same tomorrow,you may not have that job that you have today tomorrow..nobody knows what in there for you,be prepared.SAVE and CHANGE!


Akak Ratu said...

eventho akak bkn pesen whining but still, will try to do yg mummycool suggest tu => BYOF ngan BYOD... untung2 cepat skit bole kepit missy C... he he... kewlll :-))

adriana az said...

hehehhe...takde kak inni,ini entry mengingatkan tuan punya diri jgk huahuahuahua..

fauzuskamaruddin said... entry as a reminder to me jugak :) mmm....btul kak dlu saya selalu BYOF BYOD mmg save giler kak...saya tgk duit dlm wallet kurang begerak compared to if i beli kt luar seminggu cepat jeeeee habis...and sis im in the middle of saving my money :) and ape yng menghairankan saya sis, my friends those yang belum ade komitment i mean in term of child expenses, house, groceries etc bila i ajak jalan or kuar je...diorng ckp tak ley xde duit...i hairan..saya tak lah berduit sgt..but still can enjoy myself jugak...honestly im not a big saver..gaji kami sama je...and that make me wonder how they spend their money and then balme i ckp i kaya???what the **** heee...sis, this entry bole jd panduan for me thanks :)

Aida said...

na...good ..what should i say ...mmm statement? mmm..expression...and good determination..thats the 'sifat!' i knew you since wont bother others, but you have your own determination,...and the most i know how to express it into words well..i really the feel same way you do...agree with you, but i just can't express it into words, but just feel t in my heart...though kalau you sentiasa di sisi..i might express it to have such a strong effort..and i will always dua & pray for you sucess as mum, wife,nanny, cook,teacher...& all jobs you've done. i do experience same life now..i have no maid yet to do what you do ++ my works.....yes i do feel to resign...but at this point not many responsibilities in my works..since i do serve public...just need your dua dear friend for me to bee strong to handle it daily 24-7 without left the precious life &moments with my kids &family...kudos to you...!!!luvv ya...

adriana az said...

salam fauzus,thank you for dropping by.sorry ye ambik masa nak reply,agak busy makcik ni :)
good for you fauzus for knowing how to be in charge of your life,if not you sapa kan,and for knowing how to handle yr belanja:)
aida:my mentor,my friend.very segan you ...of all people to drop a line in my lintang pukang life is very plain la..maybe boring pun hahaha...neways,thanks again for the kind words,i ambik you as contoh,having so many things in yr hands and yet never fail to put a smile on yr face...salute!*hugs*

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