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Monday, March 1, 2010

sediakan payung sebelum hujan

Assalamualaikum...Ola people :)
Do you have a fire extinguisher at home?in your car?..I believe everyone should have at least one in their home and in their car.I want to share this experience with you guys..It wasn't that scary but scary enough to make me want you to have this thing at home.
I was at my MI L's house last Thursday..I was supposed to attend a friends majlis doa selamat in Bkt A on Friday morning.So,I had something to do in KL on thursday ,we spend the nite at MIL's,eh,...melalut lak aku ni..sorry eh..
At around 4ish Friday morning i woke up to attend to muaz..I didn't know what time it was.I was about to go back to sleep when I smell something burning.It was mild a first then it became stronger.I got up wondering if my MIL had woke up and have something on the stove.
I opened the room door to a dining room filled with smoke.I rushed to the kitchen but there was nothing on the stove,my mind straight away thought,the house is on fire!!
I called out for my husband"yang..something's burning,get up"..Muaz didn't sleep and hung on to my husband who was already up and went straight for the kitchen door.He opened the kitchen to let the smoke out and went in front to open the sliding door .I went to check on marissa..alhamdulillah we were all okay.My hubby woke my in laws up and FIL said it has got to do with the wiring or one of the lights.
We were all okay,the house was not on fire,the circuit breaker tripped and everything went ok,alhamdulillah...buttt..I couldn't sleep coz muaz didn't want to sleep.I didn't sleep until 0930hrs Friday morning..I wanted to stay up to attend the kenduri but I was to exhausted that I slept and woke up at 1130 or so..the kenduri was suppose to be at 11am.(i was tired because i send my dad in pekeliling on Thurs and had a lot going on that week)
I 'm sorry my friend that I missed the kenduri,it wasn't intentional.I wouldn't have come all the way from nilai if i didn't want to attend yr majlis,but it wasn't meant to be.(my friend hasn't replied my msgs since that day)Insyallah..ada rezeki kalau u jemput lagi i akan sampai.This is where the saying goes,"kita merancang and Allah yg menentukan"..:(
So,back to the other story,get a BCF/fire extinguisher,keep it at home.It's vital to have it at home..learn on how to use it,it's pretty easy.
take care people..salam.

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