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Monday, November 9, 2009

5th-8th 2009

We started my birthday celebration on the 5th..eve of my birthday :)*Alhamdulillah*It wasn't a big party,wasn't even a party but it was a day filled with love and laughter...cewwwaahhh!!!like real je kan..hahahah...
Yeah,we went out on the 5th..hmm let me recall what we did on that day....
We went to alamanda because marissa wanted to go there soooo much.Took them for the rides,playland and I went window shopping alone while MR.SO took care of them.*thank you Yang*He asked me where I'd like to have my pre-birthday dinner and I wasn't in the mood of anything fancy..eversince I got them kids,I haven't step a foot into a fancy restaurant(except when we're on a holiday)..So..I have been dreamin' bout this particular burger hahahaha...Its "the Western Whopper"!!!So Burger King it is.The kids had their Big  Apple's donut,and mommy shared the whopper with ayah and the kiddos.Everybody was happy and we went home...ooppsss not just yet.
MR.SO insisted on me having a birthday cake.We went to Giant and got ballons and a small cake with candles and headed home.Marissa and Muaz was practically over excited about mummy's birthday that they were singing birthday song all the way home...adoiiii..:)
They prepared the cake,the plates,the balloons...all 3 of them and I stayed in the room only coming out from the room to make myself a big mug of Nescafe.Then the clock struck 12am and they sang birthday songs..4x hokay!!!cut the cakes and everybody went to sleep at around 0130hrs.
So on my birthday itself,everybody woke up late,mummy didn't have to cook.MR.So made breakfast,cekodok pisang and coffee...not bad.You can take over the cooking part anytime yang,I won't feeel offended :)kekekeke..
We went to TGIF in IOI mall for dinner and that's the end of My "celebration"with my loved ones.
Thank you Shahrom Omar for loving me and accepting me for what I am(ye ke??)
Thank you Marissa and Muhammad Muaz for making mummy's life meaningful ...though u guys can be a real pain sometimes ;)
Thank you for the wonderful birthday "party" was very u.

mama got this for me

marissa got a pretty hat from Su

muaz on my birthday eve

my 2009 birthday

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