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Friday, November 13, 2009

membina masjid....

Salam...I'm pretty sure in the malay society we often hear this esp when someone is getting married.."dia nak membina masjid"(building a mosque)which is a very noble thing to do...Yess?I know I've heard it many times and have used that phrase many times(hmmmm...)What I failed to do was to actually understand the meaning behind it.....not until last week...:)
I went to visit my mom and we were talking about our routines..what happen in that week or you know just catching up on things.We were talking about the "p" word when my mom said"nauzubillah"..I asked her (panic.).."why ma???what did I say?"
My mama told me this"Ana..careful of what you say in your house.It's a doa.Just like what people always say,membina masjid...what you say in the mosque is a doa..same goes to what you say in your house.Which I quickly regretted what I said and pray that.Allah will accept my doa.
So ladies and's a lesson well learnt and I hope to be more careful of what I wish or what I  say.


MN said...

hi there! thanks for visiting my blog :)

and also thanks for explaining the meaning of membina masjid. i tak tau selama ni...

adriana az said...

hi MN..anytime,thnk you for dropping in mine :)
yess..i pon tak tau selama ni,but bila fikir2 balik memang ada kebenarannya.i'm thankful my mom tegur i,kalo tak ntah apa2 i merepek lagi :)

Abrahyn said...
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