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Monday, November 16, 2009

My baking class 14th Nov2009 with Pn.Nurul Huda.

I did it!!!I actually enrol myself in a  baking class and enjoyed every minute of it.Not to mention how amazed I was with the hostess,Pn.Nurul Huda and her huge kitchen.It was an amazing experience.Gotta be honest with you was quite tiring.Only after I finished baking and got into the car that I realised,I was on my feet for 4hrs...I only sat for less than 5 minutes...Okay,when I used to fly we had to endure 13-15 hours of standing and walking but that was different :)
All in all I'm proud of myself and had a great time..yess it was worth it because my hubby and my kids loved them cakes..:)

black cherry cupcakes

Me n Nurul

my cupcakes

yellow butter cake with lemon flavour and choc mousse in between

muaz(sleepy dah masa ni)

amazing kitchen!

a gift from Nurul


Gorgeous H said...

proud of u... ;-)
kem slm pn Nurul.. kitchen dia tersangat cool..

adriana az said...

than you GH :),you're too kind.yes dear,the kitchen mmg sgt2 cool..adoii...wish mine is like that.. hehehe..

iekaz said...

clap clap!
m so jealous! :p. i've always wanted to enrol myself to any baking classes but have no time to do so. in the end, i tried to bake by refering to recipe books but most of the time, it didnt turn up well. sgt frustrated n i gave up. hopefully 1 day i can be like u! :)

adriana az said...

thank you iekaz..Nurul ni very flexible dear,she accepts students weekdays or weekends and her coaching is simple and tak pening2.hands on katanyee..and it doesnt take a long time,thts why i chose her,most of the classes that i've browsed,semua ramai org and tak flexible timing dia.and her black cherry to die for..sedappp.....

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