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Thursday, November 5, 2009

my "senget"but yummy cupcakes :)

No,its not my 1st attempt at baking cupcakes.Yes,unfortunately I'm no perfectionist,dont mind not being one...hehehe..made these,yummy (ferasan but percayalah,memang sedapss)cupcakes 2 nites ago.I dont have the proper mould so i just bake them and prayed infront of the oven that it will turn out pathethic is that??!!Marissa keep saying"its ok mom,it will turn out great" baby girl's vocab is improving day by day*alhamdulillah*she really knows how to keep me calm and sometimes the opposite..hahaha..
The cupcakes did turnout not great looking but they are really yummy..We had them for breakfast and they were still soft and fluffy and we had them for tea time too...Syabas mummy..oh not to forget,have to mention it here,Marissa and Muaz helped to bake them,they helped to add the flour,baking powder,and they helped to put the cupcakes cases in the tray,and helped to lick the mixing bowl!!


Abrahyn said...

rajinnyerrrrrrrrrrr....senget2 pun senget la...janji sedap :D

adriana az said...

abrahyn,bukan rajinn..hormones imbalanced.hahahaha..kdg nak bake,kadang nak masak..kdg nak tido.buat je apa terasa nak buat:)

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