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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

sorry baby,abang.

To my dearest children,I'm truly sorry for not taking the time to look into your eyes when we talk,sometimes I'm busy with my work,housework and caught up with my own ups and downs,my mistake...I'm only human :) I pray that we will always love and respect each other and know that I'll be there for you always,insyaallah.


cik EPAL said...

comelnyaaa ;)

Amelia Khalik said...

I think u spend more time with ur kids than me n the rest of us out there. There's nothing to worry..i can see they love u madly!! U r always there for them in sickness n in health. Alhamdulillah..they have a great mom that they cud rely on..chill up beb!! hehehe

adriana az said...

ame:chill jgn tak chill kan..yes,i'm always here alhamdulillah,its just that aku takut my body is here but my mind is somewhere else sampai i dont gv them the attention that they need..but you know me la kan..obsessed and paranoid :)

cik epal:salam,thanks for dropping by and for the comment.come again :)

Abrahyn said...

dont feel bad sure your kids will understand u...cheer ok :D

adriana az said...

thanks abrahyn..will try to be more relax :)

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