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Monday, November 2, 2009

if tomorrow never comes

Salam everyone...I was about to sleep  when this came to mind..What if tomorrow never comes..??I looked into my husbands face,marissa's and muaz's...and I asked myself,if my time is up..have I showed them how much they mean to me?Have I been a good mum  and that person that my husband wants..
So many "what if's" came to mind,what if I lose my sight,I won't be able to look at their beautiful faces again,if I lose my hearing,I wont be able to hear their voices...and so many more what if's...nauzubillahiminzallik..
I'm thankful for what I have and I hope I will remember how fortunate I am to have so many good things in my life.Yang,Marissa and Muaz...I love you.Mama,Papa,kaklong ,aza..I love you.My good friend Ame,thank you for being there for me always ;) inlaws,mak n abah..terima kasih atas kepercayaan,and to everybody who knows me,thank you for letting me be part of your beautiful life.


Amelia Khalik said...

Hi many if's kan. Ur a wonderful person..dont worry so much about the if's cos ur not alone..once in a while i feel the same n it's a good wakeup call to remind us there r greater forces call 'Allah'. Bersyukur with everything that we have n love everyone like there's no tomorrow. Insyallah we'll do just fine. Thank u too for being juz u..:)

eynda said...

Sedih lak baca entry ni....

adriana az said...

hi ME...thank u!..for everything:)
eynda,jgnla sedey..i dah mmg sedey..kang leleh terus.:)

fauzuskamaruddin said...

dear sis,

guess what i pun selalu fikir cmni....takuttttttttttt

adriana az said...

dear sis fauzus,ye ke??tu lah i pon rasa mcm tak cukup memberi...*sigh*..:(
takpela,kita doa sama2 mudah2han dipermudahkan urusan kita olehNya.

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