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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Awal Muharram1431/18th december 09

Awal Muharram is coming and I'm kinda lookin forward to it.I sort of looking back on what I've achieved in 2009,if I had done the right things,done the wrong things (byk agaknya)made right or wrong decisions and if I had mature in my decision making,in my relationships with loved ones,family,friends,neighbours,etc..etc..
Sad to say,some still remains the same,still dwell on old things,still rake up old stories,no compromises on little things :(
On the brighter side,I'm happy to say that I've achieved(in my opinion) few things that I'm proud of.I baked raya cookies=1st time for me,I bake cupcakes=1st time,made lasanga from scratch=1st time,had a family holiday=1st time,meet a so many new people(clients)alhamdulillah=1st time,and a lot more other blessings,Alhamdulillah.My kids are eating well,speaking well,active,my husband(MR.SO) is healthy and well,happy with my new skill=baking and puts a smile on my face to think back what we've achieved together so far as family,couple and as an individual.Oh yess of course...I had few reunions with old buddies..yeah,that puts another big grin on my face.
so..with all that,I can say that I'm really looking forward to another year of adventure with MR.SO,marissa,muaz,my family,friends,acquaintances...etc,eTC..
I don't plan to have a new year resolution...but I do make plans for myself,my kids and my family.Looking forward to another annual holiday overseas :)..short holidays in malaysia and many more good food and outings,aminn.InsyaAllah :)

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